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Can a Class x Felony dui be dropped down to a lower class Felony. If so how often has it happened (% wise)?
Can a Class x Felony dui be lowered to a lower class in Illinois.
It can. It's up to the prosecutor. Percentage? That's impossible to say. It's not very high.
How did i get a dui if i wasnt driving and was in pasenger seat
A female was driving my car i was in passanger seat and was charged with dui.
You can be charged with DUI either because you were driving or you were in physical control of the vehicle. Physical...
I was hit head on by a drunk driver.
I was hit by a driver who turn in while light was green. Police are pressing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol. I did get injured badly to the point I need surgery on my foot. My foot was shadder in different spots very painful, my wrist was fractured and my little boy was shaken up lucky no injuries but me I took all damage. What can I do about this. I know the guy has insurance also..
You need an IL personal injury lawyer with experience in obtaining the necessary investigative documentation to prove a...
Drivers license Suspension after a DUI
I was arrested on Dupage County for a DUI when I blew the machine recorded 0.17; This happened in a private property so Will my drivers license be suspended? Does it happen after of before court ? THANKS
It only happens if the officer served you with a law enforcement sworn report- in that case it happens 46 days from the...
Do I qualify for DACA renewal with a DUI?
I just submitted my application for DACA renewal. I had a DUI in September of 2015. After a year of court, the case was dismissed. Would I be at risk of not getting approved for a renewal?
If there was never a conviction or admission of guilty, you should be fine. But be prepared for the new president to...
Which is worse to have in Illinois? Reckless driving or DUI
My attorney asked if I would be willing to enter a guilty plea of reckless driving instead of going to trial.
Reckless is better. A DUI conviction is an automatic revocation.
Dui and court supervision
Kane county, IL. Yes, I was a complete idiot by getting behind the wheel and accept complete responsibility... Im a first year law student. First offense ever for drinking and driving (no injury/no damage to property). 2 old speeding tickets. No other run ins with traffic violations. I don't think I'm a bad person with having one irresponsible mistake like this. What are my chances of receiving court supervision that could possibly remove a conviction on good behavior after a court imposed time along with conditions. I do understand that the court will have the ultimate discretion after I plead guilty. I have a lawyer I'm meeting within a few days and the incident occurred about 4 days ago.
It's Kane county. I would not even think of handing this as a DIY project! Spend the money on a good traffic and DUI...