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I am expecting to finally get my RDP, and I am in outside sales. What laws govern the crossing of state lines to WI, IN, MO,IA? I am guessing if I were to get a speeding ticket or God forbid into an accident the other state laws would be in effect and maybe each one might or might not accept valid driving on an IL RDP?
An RDP allows you to drive: During certain times of day. In certain designated areas. It does not allow you to...
Judge gave me 250 hours of community service & $1,600 fine for a DUI last year (2013). I have yet to fulfill both obligations at this time. I’ve had 2 court dates since then and the judge has giving me more time. However, with my 50 hour work weeks and have my kids full time. I have no time for community service. Due to my recent divorce & bills. I have very little money to pay my fine as well. Can I convert both fine & community service into few days jail time?? Also – if granted. Will jail time go on my record?
If granted, yes, the jail time would go on your record. Consider doing your community service during the time you...
its another cl 4 felony have two older felonies one cl4 and one cl 3 do you think they will revoke the first bond? How much time do you think they will be seeking on both cases
1-6 plus 2-10, so 3-16 years
Hello, I am 20 years old and 345 days so I only have 20 days till my 21st and was issued a ticket for underage consumption on New Years Eve in Wisconsin Dells. I am from Illinois and do not plan on going to Wisconsin for anything for a long time. The ticket is ridiculously priced at $280 so I am wondering what the repercussions are if I do not pay this ticket. Thank you for your time.
Unless you plan on going to court, pay the ticket and be done with it. Failure to do so could have serious...
I recently got a ticket in the mail saying that I had court for failing to pay an underage ticket. The problem is that wasn't mine and I'm pretty sure someone used my name and schools address. Im freaking out because I don't wanna pay for it. What do I have to do in order to get out of a crime that I didn't commit? The ticket even has my "signature" which is clearly not mine and it also has my wrong birthdate. The ticket was issued in Lockport, IL I live in Sandwich, IL and go to College in Aurora, IL.
Show up Son and defend yourself or better yet hire a local criminal defense Laywer. tx bl
And what are my chances of going to jail if i blew really high?? First Time offender
You may not go to jail but yo have some serious problems. Please hire a good DUI defense attorney ASAP. On of the...
I've been searching for a job for months now; and I have finally landed an interview with a company with whom I would enjoy working, a law firm in need of a marketing coordinator (Job in OH, arrest in IL). Earlier in the year, I was arrested for Driving Under Influence in Illinois, and after winning my summary suspension case, pleaded for supervision regarding the aforementioned case. At this point, I would like to remain transparent in order to avoid lying to potential employer; but also don't want to give out unnecessary information. Should I prepare a statement testifying to my rehabilitation, or avoid touching the subject altogether? If you were hiring for your firm, what would your opinion be?
If they ask if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense, you can answer no. If they run your background, theres...