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Is it likely a public defender can help my case on a 1st offence marijuana charge?
Got caught in Florala, AL with paraphernalia and weed. Under a gram. What can I expect? What's the worst/best possible outcome? How can I increased likelihood of a PD helping me with the license suspension/Record?
If you can afford to hire an attorney it is always advisable to do so. However, if you are unable to do so you will...
Minor in Consumption
I was arrested for Minor in Consumption and blew a 0.041 on BAC. There were others in front of me and there was not a break between testing. We were not read our Miranda rights when we were told we were going to jail. Is this not a requirement when being questioned, ect? No alcohol was in hand just a open house party raided by police because of noise complaint. Just trying to get some information before my court date as I am ashamed I made a poor decision as I am a college student on the deans list and being promoted into the honor society as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think you are suggesting that the equipment was not applied according to the guidelines and you may have blown a...
What are options for minor in consumption after a previous YO DUI?
20 years old with a previous YO DUI. In vehicle that was pulled over for traffic violation, and everyone asked to blow due to smell of alcohol (I was not driving). Blew 0.02, arrested for minor in consumption (no alcohol present). What's the best options for this?
The primary concern your question raises is whether you are on probation for the prior DUI. If so, this new offense...
Can I transfer my case to another county? Why am I being put off?
My daughter was 15 when Dhr became involved she was dating an older boy. I was seen as an unfit mother for allowing her to date him and would not press Rape charges on him so she is now 16 and is living with my mother. A judge has not been involved, only Dhr. I've moved out of the county and they refuse to come see my new home and continues to give me the run around and wants to drug test me. Drugs were never apart of this. I have no charges on me for drugs. I have Lupus and am unable to work but my fiancé works and we've been in our new home almost two months and still nothing. So can I change counties and get something done?
It'd be a good idea for you to speak to a lawyer that specializes in custody/DHR matters. Most domestic relationship...
Can a person be charged with a DUI if they drove the car to the police officer got out to talk to the person that was stopped?
The person approached the traffic stop got out the car and walked to the scene and asked the person that was being stopped for a personal item and was asked to take a DUI test but was never seen actually driving the car?
Your question asks if the person can be charged. The answer is yes, and I suspect you know this because the person has...
Can a level 3court referral program be appealed or dropped to level 2
I went to court and was placed in a court referral program for dui with controlled substance. My blow test showed .07 but I also had a Norco. The probation officer placed me on level 3 I just need to know if it can lowered since my test was low.
You need to speak with your attorney. Perhaps he/she can do something for you.
Can i get a real estate license in Alabama with prior felony charges if I was never found "guilty"?
10 years ago (when I was 18 & 19) I was arrested on 2 separate occasions for 2 different felonies. One was theft in the 1st and the other was pos of marijuana 1st. I was able to get PTI and yo status for both and due to the fact that I was given 2 different judges I was never found in violation and completed the diversionary programs. Since I was never found guilty will I still be able to obtain a real estate license and do I have to disclose my arrest on the application?
This is not a DUI question. Please post this under administrative law for a proper answer.