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Would pending charges show up on criminal public records search online?
I got a 2nd DUI and have been googling somethings and saw that you can access records online so I googled my name and found my docket for my first case and saw that it said closed. Since I already went to court and completed everything I knew it was done, but what I'm asking is: when will the second DUI charges be posted on here? It's been 23 days since the arrest and right now my first arrest in the only thing that shows up when I look it up
It is impossible to know just when your new DUI will hit the web because there are too many variables envolved. If...
Can I have my case thrown out for underage drinking when I was apprehended, tackled, and cuffed by officers.
I was walking with a friend down the street where apparently a party was to be busted. We did not attend the party and were walking away from the house when three officers came from behind a car and ran at us without announcing who they were. I put my hands up to defend my face as I thought I was getting jumped and was then tackled and cuffed by two officers. I was told I was very close to getting tazed. My friend pushed the cop away from him but wasn't cuffed. We were not aware of the cops getting out of their car or them running after us until they were right behind us. I was questioned and admitted to drinking as I laid cuffed. Their reasoning for apprehending me was for resisting arrest when I had no idea there were officers in the area. We did not run from the police either.
Your facts suggest a violation of Miranda if the police had you cuffed and asked you questions while you were cuffed...
Whats my charge when I turn myself in for a 17 yr old warrant??
I was charged 17 yrs ago with a DUI. I was moving to Fl. in 3 days, with my young children. At that time, I was running away from a abusive man. I was granted permission to leave the state as long as I followed up in the state of Fl. I did not follow up, and have been recently picked up by the Md. Sheriff office ( I moved back to Md. after 5 yrs in Fl.)and was incarcerated for 36. The judge allowed me to pay a cash bond, and I have 7 days to turn myself in to Pa. I am ready to this and am wondering what might happen to me. I have a clean record, and have turned my life around. Please help me so that i will not go in there blind.
You first have to answer the original charge of DUI, that will not have gone away simply because you fled the state....
How can I get DUI charges dismissed?
My husband, myself, and our 10 year old son were involved in a car accident resulting, thank God, with no injuries other than the concussion I received that resulted in my complete memory loss of events. I was not drivong, my husband was but, considering he's on state parole and has no license, he apparently managed to put me in driver's seat. My son told me and officers on scene that this occurred prior to them arriving, and there are statements giving by two independent witnesses who stated I eas not driving. When I was taken for a BAC, which I don't remember signing for nor do I remember being read my rights due to head injury, the only thing found were my prescribed medications both within therapuetic levels despite officer claiming the Xanax was toxic levels at 102 ng/ml. Upon researching on my own and with my sisters help, we discovered that at least three well respected medical journals consider cut off for toxic levels for this particular medication is somewhere between 200-350 ng/ml especially for someone who has been taking this medication on a chronic basis, I.e. more than a year. I have been taking this medication for 4-5 years 3x a day three times a day, 7 days a wee
Ask for a trial, tell your attorney the names and numbers of the witnesses, and hope the judge/jury sides with you....
What can I exspect for a dui revocation ?
I received a dui almost a year ago. I decided to take my ARD considering I have never been in trouble before. I did all my classes and did receive an excuse from a dr for my community help. I was never told if the fines were not paid id loose my ard. I had an exstension given after the initial 6 months. I have goung dor ssi to pay the fines. My parents have put a good portion down on it. But with the extra costs for the exstension i still didnt get it paid off. Now i go to court friday for the ARD revocation and im not quite sure of what is going to happen. I wont lie im scared. I have searched the internet for answers but it seems revocation comes usally from a violation. I have no violation. Inless the fines are a violation. Payments have been made. N i have not been in any more trouble...
You should be scared. Clearly, you need to stop making excuses for your immature conduct. Every other adult in the...
Can I get off a DUI
SORRY about my typing. I was puklled over at 10 at night. it was 4 degrees in PA that night. HE pulled me over for leaving the town center with only my daytime running lights on. Well he said your eyes are slightly red did you drink anything tonight. I said, no i was dry walling all day. well he made me get out and do a field test passed it, then still arrested me. well I blew a 0, so he made me do another field test and passed it. so he said hes 1 of 146 people register to do some test that can tell what your on, i said ok. well i did that, and he tried to tell me i was hi on weed, i don't even smoke. So he wanted to get a blood test next about 8 miles from my house i said fine. well she couldn't do it so he wanted tongo all the way to the hospital 36 miles away. I said no I did enough hoops passed them, it seemed like harassment now. what do you thing. Thanks for any feed back
Your is an interesting question. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully answer in the space and time allotted. I...
How can I go about expunging my record? And can I do so if I have a DUI charge?
I am a student in the radiology program, and im concerned about my past mistakes. I got a DUI when I was 21 and then a possession of small amount of marijuana and another marijuana possession charge that was dropped down...is it too late for me?
The first source of information and answers is your attorney. Your quest for answers starts there. Good luck.