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HHow can I find out if there's a statue of limitations on 2 d.u.i ?
Ordered to go to d.u.i school for 18 months and failed to do so
You've found out! The SOL has absolutely nothing to do with the DUI Class you never completed. Take the class.
Hiring the right lawyer for DUI ?
I just got a DUI in Los Angeles. I want to hire the best attorney I can to represent me in court, but what things are important to look for in obtaining the best attorney I can? Budget is not an issue. Thanks
You wanna be able to speak to the actual lawyer who's handling your case why games here experience level you want to...
What happens if I don’t pay dui cost citation?
I received a citation from November 2015 . I recently tried to go to the website to pay it but the amount owed says 0 and it’s says the citation is still open. I’ve called numerous times to talk to someone with the info on the citation but they never pick up. What can I do about this?
You don''t just pay DUI cases on line. Contact the court clerk or DA's Office to inquire about the case status.
How to clear bench warrant for DUI?
Hi, I have an complicated issue. I just found out I have two bench warrant for a FTA for a DUI 9 years ago. I called to gather some information from the courts and I was advised I did not provide my program completion. I did. So all I have to do is provide the completion and all will be cleared. Here's the dilemma, the program I attended to complete my classes only keeps record for 4 years and I am afraid of walking in due to the possibility of being taken into custody. I have a great job that I cannot afford to lose. I am seeking to hire an attorney but curious as to how or if this can be resolved without having to complete the programs a second time. All advise given is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
I'm changing this to criminal defense.
Will I have any issues entering Mexico City with a felony DUI and returning back to the US.
Have 4 DUI's. Ony have 1 that was about 2 years ago which was a felony because of how many I had and the rest are over 7 years ago. I will be talking to my probation officer this week so the judge is aware that I have to go to a wedding in Mexico city end of Feb. The judge has let me travel to Europe before to visit my grandfather.
You need to get the approval of the court again for this particular situation and assuming you do you shouldn't have...
What is a likely outcome for first offense drunk in public?
A couple days ago I was at the Burbank airport to fly home to Portland, or. I did have a few drinks and ended up falling asleep waiting for my plane and ended up missing it. I did not cause any disturbances and was cooperative with the police officers. They called my mom (who was 2 hours away) and did arrest me and ended up taking me to the hospital. Once my mom arrived, the officers left and issued a ticket for drunk in public. This is my first offense ever and I have never even had a traffic ticket or anything my whole life. I made a very poor decision and know I cannot handle alcohol. I am obtaining sobriety for the rest of my life and already seeking treatment, such as attending aa meetings and getting a sponsor. I have always held a job my entire adult life (age 32) and do want to ruin my life by this poor mistake. I am super scared for the consequences, especially jail. I want to do everything I can to show I am not a criminal and that this will not be a problem or threat to the public ever. As mentioned, I live in Portland, or but this happened in Burbank. Any advice would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much!
On a first time dui case with not accident in the Burbank Courthouse you should not realistically be looking at jail...
Can a lawyer help in my case - dui?
Was driving home after a work social event and unfortunately hit a curb and bumped my head. Transported to er and given sedatives bevause I was in and out of consciousness and disoriented. I never remember police responding but apparently they did and collected blood. The officer put in his report I consented to blood. Is there any legal defense or should I just plead guilty at first appearance. Thanks
Don't plead guilty until you speak to an attorney. You will want an attorney. Find one who specializes in DUIs.