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If I have a dui can I drink in my own house?
I live in TENNESSEE and got a dui. Can I drink in the privacy of my own home?
Depends on the wording of your probation order. If it says you shall not consume intoxicating beverages then you...
What will Tennessee do if I get a dui conviction in Virginia?
I was convicted of dui in Virginia & have completed my sentence. However, I have yet to pay my fines or do my community service. If the deadline for those passes what will Tennessee do? What will Virginia be able to do?
Virginia may issue a warrant for your arrest. In the event that that occurs, Tennessee would have to extradite you, and...
What will Tennessee do if I have been convicted of dui in Virginia ?
I have already been convicted and have served my sentence in Virginia. If I don't complete the court ordered community service or pay the fines, will Tennessee revoke my license?
There is reciprocity between the States and therefore, because you were convicted of DUI in Virginia there is a high...
I didn't know I was charged with a dui.?
I live with chronic pain and had to care for my elderly parents who passed away 7 months apart. I was on 7 different medication at the time of my dui. I was involved in a finder binder (thank God) No one was injured except me due to the airbag very minner . I was transported to the ER I was knocked out for a moment. Months later I had to file fraudulent charges on my oldest daughter. While I was doing that I got arrested for FTA, I had no knowledge of getting a dui therefore I would have went to court had I known. I guess what I'm asking is how does the law determine what your levels are when I've been on medication for many years.
If I had to guess I would be willing to bet that there was a blood draw and testing done when you were taken to the ER....
My wife got a DUI on her 21st birthday, she will be 47 this year, what does she need to do to get her DL back in TN?
She had just never went back to get her license, what are the steps she should take?
No way to tell you without looking at her record. Call TN DMV to figure out what you need to do.
If I get a dwi in Virginia, but live in And have a Tennessee drivers license, what happens?
Do I have to pay the court fees and comply with the community service ordered by Virginia?
1. I have changed the category to DUI as it is more appropriate, and 2. I am not licensed in either VA or TN, but in...
Can you be Charged with a DUI if the car is parked you are asleep and the keys are in the middle consul not in the Ignition
Was charged with a DUI while waiting in Wal-Mart parking lot for help with a broke down truck and fell asleep keys were out of Ignition he gave me a sobriety test I passed 3 out of the 5 but only because I can't stand hold my foot out without flooding my balance because where I broke my back in my knees bad. I have no balancebut still charge me with a DUI wasn't driving was parked and sleeping
Although your keys were in the center console, was the engine running? In many newer cars, the key does not have to be...