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  • Sergeant testifies Livingston womana s accused kille...

    Thursday Sep 25 | via The Advocate 

    A 12-year-old visiting his grandparents' neighbors in Livingston to see if they wanted coffee was the first to come across the bloody crime scene on Aug. 30, a Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office sergeant testified. Authorities were called to 28065 S. Satsuma Road where they found the body of Joy Messina, 47. Shortly after the discovery, they arrested Caleb Lee Lejeune, 27, who was booked on one count of second-degree murder.


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  • Denham Springs man enters insanity plea in 2013 killing

    Thursday Sep 25 | via The Advocate 

    A Denham Springs man facing a count of second-degree murder pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity Thursday in a case involving a body found shot in the head and floating in the Blind River Canal in 2013. In a brief hearing, Joshua M. Mitchell changed his plea from not guilty in the 21st Judicial Circuit Court in Livingston before Judge Elizabeth Wolfe.


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Your husband needs to consult with an attorney ASAP. If you cannot afford an attorney, he should receive a public...
i was hit by a drunk driver on my way to work in june. i was in my company vehicle and state farm has settled with my job already. i had to go to the hospital for the general check over and i did use my personal health insurance.the total bill was $8,812.65. the amount no covered by my health insurance is $2,475.32. i was not hurt bad. just some bumps and bruises with a small cut on my shoulder. what kind of settlement should i be expecting? is it based off of the hospital bill? they have not offered anything bc we had to wait for all the bills to come in. i've never been in any kind of accident and i don't know what to expect. i don't need a lawyer bc i'm not hurt. i've been living my life just like before. no problems doing anything.
You should contact a personal injury attorney and have them represent you. You should be able to get your medical...
my husband was hit by a drunk driver (who was arrested and charged). we turned in our health insurance info when we took him to the hospital and he was fine. he had some soreness and a small cut on his arm for the glass. before the health insurance company paid the bill was $24,000 and some change. after they paid the hospital wants a $9,000 and some change. what kind of settlement should we expect? my husband was in a company truck and they have already settled up. we had to wait for all the bills to come.
We need far more information. For example why such a large bill for such minor injuries? You really should retain a...
Long story short, my brother in law ( who is 20) got drunk and got into a fight at a bar and got thrown out. He was arrested and spent 3 days in jail before being bailed out ( not by me because I have more sense than that.) They are charging him with. Public intoxication, Resisting an officer, Re-entering a premises after it was forbidden, disturbing the peace, and public intimidation. He came by today and said he is suing the parish because he was never given a sobriety test or a breathalyzer ( although he does admit to drinking, and he is underage) I laughed. But still wonder if he can be charged with the public intoxication etc?
He's suing the parish? Yeah right. Talk is cheap. No attorney would touch that lawsuit since it has no merit. Have...
If someone has 3 DUI's in Louisiana and gets a fourth DUI in Texas, does that carry over? If so, what would happen?
You'll need to direct the question to a Texas criminal defense attorney. Here are some helpful points to consider....
when I try to have the Miss. DUI expunged, do you think they would reopen the case if they saw the La. dismissal? I read that a dismissal can be reopened within 18 months of the dismissal. Do you think they would. Don't think they realized it was my second offence before the dismissal.
As a general rule I advise clients not to seek an expungement unless the applicable period of time expires in which to...
I was rear ended while stopped at a red light by a drunk driver who was speeding as well. I filed a claim only to find out from the other drivers insurance company that My husband whom I recently separated from cancelled my insurance the other drivers insurance company informed me that the are not at liberty to pay anything according to Louisiana laws even if I was injured by the impact.
Drunk driving accidents are exceptions to the no pay/no play law in Louisiana. The other driver will need to have been...