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Are DUI classes and compliance in completing them for the court monitored?
How does the court or probation department in Alameda County know if I have taken my first offender program? Is there something in the system that automatically tells them by the end of the three year probation whether I completed this court requirement for informal first time DUI? I'm not talking about the DMV this is strictly the court. Thank you all.
Good question. Usually, as a condition of probation, the judge will order you to file the proof of completion of the...
2013 I got pulled over I was driving with a suspended license I failed to appear in court so I had a warrant issued
my drivers license was suspended because of a DUI back in 2008 did everything I was told just never went back to reinstate my drivers license so when I got a ticket back in 2013 for driving with a suspended license n fail to appear in court DMV try reinstate my license n needed to clear ticket judge ordered me to do six month of breathalyzer installation in my vehicle but my dui was back in 2008 she also wanted to put me in custody for 10 days n pay the fine of 1200$ ne way I wanted to know if I can fight the installation device I don't see why she ordered me to do that when my dui was so long ago
You can't do anything except be arrested and jailed until you or your attorney puts you back on calendar and you appear....
Can someone help get me a restricted license?
I received my second dui a year ago and refused to blow. Dmv won't give me my license back or even give me a restricted. I haven't drove in a year and was wondering if someone can help me. I know someone out there had a similar situation and was granted a restricted with a instillation of an iid in there car. I really need help! I'm 25 and looking to start my life. Come from a good family and I'm not a bad person haven't stole or been in trouble with the law besides my 2 duis. I'm asking for hell from anyone willing to pay thanks
Here is the problem you are going to have. A 2d offense with a refusal enhancement triggers a 2 year suspended license...
RE DUI DMV hearing, can a witness's statement be filled out by the arresting officer?
The statement is filled out by the officer, per what the witness "told" him. It is not signed by the witness. Witness makes no mention that he felt I was intoxicated. I am also curious if an attorney is willing to represent me at the DMV hearing, and not the criminal hearing. I first want to see if the DA will drop the case since I was parked and not driving. I did refuse a breath test but was not driving at anytime. Witness had seen me 2+ hours before officers approached me inside my vehicle. My hearing is tomorrow, 9/20, in Pittsburg.
Hearsay evidence is admissible in administrative hearings, but over timely objection it may not be the sole basis for...
Should I continue my DMV hearing until after my court date?
My court date (arraignment) is 9/23, and the DMV hearing is for tomorrow, 9/20. Should I request a continuance to the DMV hearing pending the outcome of the arraignment and possibly the entire criminal case? Or should I try to argue at the DMV hearing tomorrow prior to the criminal case? Summary: I was parked, was not intoxicated, did not drive for 2+ hours before officer arrived, refused test, i do/did not feel officer had probable cause. i made no admission of drinking, I was not read miranda rights. No officer had witnessed me driving at anytime. Thanks to those that respond.
Yes assuming the DMV will allow the continuance, which they typically will not on one day notice. You would like to...
What are the best reasons I could use to push back my DMV hearing?
I need to write my hearing officer to request a later date. What reasoning can I use? I can't have my DMV hearing so far from my court date because if I get my license suspended then I can't get there. It's 3 hours away.
Are you represented by an attorney? If so, I find that my trial schedule is very often accepted as good cause for a...
Does my stay on my license extend if my Public defender pushes back the court date?
I have a DMV hearing Sept 27 on the phone but my court date is October 4. I will be asking for a public defender who will be pushing the court date to review my case. When does my license get suspended? Not until conviction right? So the stay on my license will last until the 2nd court date? Also should I push back my DMV hearing if possible since I will be fighting it in court? Reasonable cause was because someone told them I was drunk so they pulled me over a block from where I had left. Waiting for the discovery to see if they have any witnesses
Bear in mind that there are two separate suspension actions: (a) an administrative suspension action which is the...