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I need to find a law for the state of florida where I can sue a woman who got my husband drunk, slept with him and gave him std
he in return gave me the std, which turned into cervical cancer, also we have children and are on the verge of a divorce. we were a happy couple and she has destroyed my family and health
Your husband may have a cause of action if she knew she had an std and failed to disclose it to him and knowingly...
Will florida accept online dui coursr for 1st time offender
i violated probation did time an not on probation. I need to get license back
Most of the time yes but check with in your local jurisdiction to make sure it is an approved course. Good luck,...
Can i be licensed in texas after FL dui conviction. I completed the courts sentencing. but the state part is still incomplete
planning to move to texas. i have no drivers license right now. state of florida revoked and suspended a year and a half ago.1st offense
Not sure what you mean by the "state part is still incomplete," but I can tell you that the various states communicate...
Dui charge
I'm a college student. I got arrested for dui, I blew .02 something. I don't have a lot of money, could I try the case on my own? Would any lawyer be willing to take payment plans?
You most assuredly cannot handle a DUI case on your own. In the words of Orange Ciunty Judge Whitehead, "If you can...
32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire .
I'm 61 years old man living in delray beach Florida and have a 32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire . im i going to serve a two year jail term now, no one was hurt just pulled over for speeding and failed the bac test but wasn't told how bad i failed. I know it was dumb of me but now my licence has been taken away 04/09/2014
I don't see a question here, however, since the DUI is 32 years old odds of the State being able to prove the case are...
I have a DUI on my license, but I haven't been arrested or charged with the DUI
I was in a accident, blood was taken and it was over the legal limit but i never was arrested or charged. It's been six months since the accident. I need the arrest form in order to get my license back but there's no form found, my license got suspended for a DUI related offense. What's going on
Could you have had another DUI offense? Check and see if there was a bench warrant issued for this offense. Also, go...
If I blew under the legal drinking limit how is it a dui when the keys are in the ignition?
I blew a .065 after taking a sobriety test. I was sleep in the car when the cops came to me. I was also charged with driving on suspended licenses. The car keys were in the ignition but if I was not over the drinking limit how can I be charged as a dui?
At .08, you are presumed to be intoxicated. At .06, you are consider d impaired. The State doesn't even have to give...