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I need to find a law for the state of florida where I can sue a woman who got my husband drunk, slept with him and gave him std
he in return gave me the std, which turned into cervical cancer, also we have children and are on the verge of a divorce. we were a happy couple and she has destroyed my family and health
Your husband may have a cause of action if she knew she had an std and failed to disclose it to him and knowingly...
Will florida accept online dui coursr for 1st time offender
i violated probation did time an not on probation. I need to get license back
Most of the time yes but check with in your local jurisdiction to make sure it is an approved course. Good luck,...
Can i be licensed in texas after FL dui conviction. I completed the courts sentencing. but the state part is still incomplete
planning to move to texas. i have no drivers license right now. state of florida revoked and suspended a year and a half ago.1st offense
Not sure what you mean by the "state part is still incomplete," but I can tell you that the various states communicate...
Does state law trump hospital policies regarding legal blood draw in a DUI manslaughter suspect?
Last year I obtained a blood sample on a patient who was the driver in a car crash that resulted in a fatality on scene. (I'm an RN). The patient verbally opposed the blood draw, but the highway patrol showed me a search warrant signed by a judge. Our hospital policies only speak to blood draws with signed consent, however I believe that would only pertain in cases not involving vehicular homicide. Would the language of our hospital policies show that the I was in violation of hospital procedures and disqualify the evidence from the case? I have been subpoenaed and I'm nervous.
Not with a judges order, consent with an alternate route of admissibility for the blood, but with the warrant that's...
In the state of Florida, what happens if the police are unable to locate someone to serve them with a summons to appear for dui
A friend of mine has pending dui charges due to an accident where they took a blood sample. The test results came back and they set up a court date and issued a summons to appear, but they are unable to locate the person to serve them with the summons.
Generally speaking, a warrant would be issued for their arrest and the defendant would become a fugitive from the law.
Miami. DUI and Ctitizenship
Hello. i was convicted for a DUI 1st offense in 2014. No criminal background before. Just finished my probation and everything mandatory. I live in the US (green-card holder) since 2009 and volunteer for 2 years helping peoples. Can apply for my citizenship. I'm very confuse many lawyers say yes and other say no. DUI do not affect your GMC (Volume 12 – Citizenship & Naturalization, Part F – Good Moral Character Chapter 5 – Conditional Bars for Acts in Statutory Period) I know i'll need a immigration lawyer. Thank you very mech
US immigration laws are complicated. Criminal lawyers have some background in immigration laws, but not enough to give...
Is a first Florida DUI offense considered a "serious misdemeanor"?
I was charged and convicted for first time DUI in Tampa, FL in 2013. No crash, damage or injuries my BAC was 0.13/0.14. Got the minimum sentence (revocation, fines, CS, DUI school) with no jail time (except for the 8 hrs after arrest) and I completed everything within 6 months. I am about to graduate with a PhD and I am applying for faculty tenure track position in a University in California. The online application form asks the following question "have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?" As you can see my struggle is with the design "serious." Even after reading other online posts i am still not sure how to answer without being dishonest. Thanks in advance.
This is not a criminal defense question; It is an administrative / regulatory / licensing question, and no lawyer can...