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I need to find a law for the state of florida where I can sue a woman who got my husband drunk, slept with him and gave him std
he in return gave me the std, which turned into cervical cancer, also we have children and are on the verge of a divorce. we were a happy couple and she has destroyed my family and health
Your husband may have a cause of action if she knew she had an std and failed to disclose it to him and knowingly...
Will florida accept online dui coursr for 1st time offender
i violated probation did time an not on probation. I need to get license back
Most of the time yes but check with in your local jurisdiction to make sure it is an approved course. Good luck,...
Can i be licensed in texas after FL dui conviction. I completed the courts sentencing. but the state part is still incomplete
planning to move to texas. i have no drivers license right now. state of florida revoked and suspended a year and a half ago.1st offense
Not sure what you mean by the "state part is still incomplete," but I can tell you that the various states communicate...
I was arrested for DUI, can I get it dismissed?
i was just minding my own business when the cop stopped the report it stated that he saw me driving fast in a parking lot ( i didnt know this was a crime) of a gas station (i was just getting gas), and when i pulled out that I affected the traffic, I blew and came in just over .08... so after researching duis online it says that if the stop is bad then it can get dismissed, so is the stop bad here, and i dont think i was drunk, i would want a trial perhaps, so i know the breath test sometimes are able to be used adn its up and down, so are breath test can be used against me at the trial? what the range of prices for this
You need to take this case more seriously than you apparently are, because I assure you that the cops, the prosecutor...
What is a non-willful situation for probation and what happens in regard to a Orlando, FL DUI? What situation am I looking at?
I am nearing the end of probation for DUI charge in Orlando, FL. From the beginning I told all involved that I no longer have a car and no access to car in order to complete the impoundment condition. I recently provided information that proved I do not have a car and no access to a car. My PO accepted that and said she will take it as a non-willful situation. What all does that mean? I still have an attorney that can represent me but since I no longer live in Florida I now live in OH----just curious what will happen or could.
Each county has different procedures for handling this. The best route is to file a motion with the sentencing judge to...
Will I get jail time for DUI if I turn down the "Back On Track" program? What will be the ultimate consequences of a DUI charge?
February of 2015 I was pulled over for speeding and the officer smelled marijuana in my car and began to perform a roadside sobriety test which I failed. Since then, I got a lawyer and he said it would be best to try and get into the 'back on track program'. I was kicked out of BOT the day I went to sign up, it turns out I had a bench warrant for a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge I obtained after the DUI, and I got a bench warrant because the officer put my address down wrong. That misdemeanor ended up being dismissed. Now, to get back into BOT, the state is making me drug test. I took the first drug test in December and it came back positive, just took another one today and it still came back positive even though I've stopped smoking. Currently, I have another court date on February 11th for another drug test. At this point, this BOT program doesn't seem worth it and I would like to just take the DUI and pay whatever fines I have to pay, but today the judge said she could send me to jail for 6 months. So now I'm terrified if I tell the judge I'm not going to do the program, she'll send me to jail. What are the chances she will give me jail time?
The judge told you the maximum on your DUI. With a first time DUI there is an excellent chance that a negated plea will...
After the DUI?
1 year probation... Off early at 6 months. DUI... 1st offense, no priors. 1 year of the ignition interlock with 5 to go. Has anyone ever heard petitioning a judge to allow use of a motorcycle?
the judge does not have the authority to change the requirement. the department of highway safety and motor vehicles,...