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Can i be charged with dui if cops came to my house thirty minutes after the fact
I was driving my car after a couple beers my tire blew i hit a pole drove my car home drank some whiskey cops show up at my house thirty minutes later and an eye winess had called and reported the accident they gave me a breathalyzer and i blew 1.7. The witness was not positive if it was me or my son driving
Yes you can definitely be charged from this fact pattern. But you definitely have some defenses. Hire an attorney...
My son has warrant for not going to dui school but cannot finish the class before jan when he moves out of state to AZ. Options?
Got dui, cannot finish 18 month dui course in CA before he goes to school in AZ. Has a warrant now because of this. Can he still move? what if he doe nothing about it in CA, how long will the warrant follow him. Could he get a license in AZ.
He should clear the warrant and get permission from the judge to complete a class in AZ. His privilege to drive in CA...
A friend drove to work project and was subsequently arrested for driving on a suspended license. can it be revoked?
Arrested on felony possession for sale controlled substance- non narcotic. Pleaded no contest and was given work project. Drove to work project and there was rearrested for driving on a suspended license and jailed. charge is listed as commitment rearrest. can she request and obtain work project again?
Of course she *can* request the work project again, but when you're violating the law as you report for work service,...
Do we need to get a lawyer for a first time DUI ? How do we find a pro-bono attorney?
My son was driving in the middle of the night with a friend, said a car hit them from behind and left the scene. This caused him to loose control of the car and rolled it. Right after, a car with two girls came by and called 911. They left and their were no witnesses. Police sent both boys to the hospital and met them their. They tried to do a breathalyzer twice but my son said he wasn't doing right so they had the hospital take a blood test. He thinks it was .15. They took his license and gave him a suspension/revoke order and temp. license. Also a cert of release from custody and told him to get a lawyer. He said he was going to note that he cooperated. The officer asked how many drinks he had and my son replied two beers. No major injuries to either boy and was released from the E.R.
If you can afford to hire a lawyer then you should. If you can't then the court will appoint a lawyer when your son appears.
I got arrested for dui and posession of a controlled substance, my first offense for both. can my posession charge be dismissed?
I was cooperative with the officers and told them that i was in posession but also let them know that i took the substance from my older brother after i was attacked by him to dispose of it because he has a drug problem.
Maybe. You need to get a good lawyer on your side though. It won't just go away. You also need to schedule a hearing...
I need a DUI attorney that can protect my nursing license.
08/05/15 I was arrested for a DUI by a park ranger. I had two 9.5% beers in a time period of 5 hours, had been fighting with my boyfriend and crying. When I was pulled over he asked me about my registration tag, it apparently had been pulled off of my license plate showing that my plates were expired. I was also asked if I had been drinking. The ranger in training, told me that he was going to issue 5 tests, I said ok, I went through two of them and then he asked me to do a breath test. After hearing about how those hand held breath tests aren't always maintained, I declined. They then told me that I would be taken down to the station and blood would be drawn. They took my blood at 2049 and I posted bail and left four hours later. I need a attorney that knows the BRN
I am dealing with the BRN in a nursing DUI case right now but I am in SF. I am sure that many of us on Avvo have dealt...
DUI even though i wasn't intoxicated.
So a few weeks ago, I got into an accident by hitting a tree. Air bags did deploy. Police came and did a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer. I have severe flat feet, so i did stumble a bit but bever fail and still passed everything, and even my breathalyzer blew a 0.0. He still arrested me, and now i'm awaiting court. i was not drinking or smoking weed or doig any kind of drugs that night or the last few nights so what happens now. What happens if they find trace of THC from a few weeks ago, (wasn't weed, it was a vape juice which contained a bit, took a small hit didnt get high)
You need to hire a good DUI attorney to evaluate this. The information you can gain on the internet will not be...