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What does it mean when a DUI charge is (dismiss/terminated super) . Is it counted as a DUI still ?
Back in 1991 had a DUI that was dismissed now i'm fighting a new DUI charge since the one was dismissed can the new one be considered my 2nd ?
Great question... your "first offender" status is used up if ANY of the following occurs: 01. You suffer a statutory...
How does dui probation in Dupage county work?
Last month I was sentenced to 24 months of probation for my second dui. The judge had told me that I will be randomly tested for alcohol via ETG tests twice a month. My question is will the probation department also test me for drugs (Marijuana) even though the court order only mentions that i will be tested for alcohol?
Yes... it's very likely that you'll be tested for alcohol, marijuana and numerous other drugs while in probation. Your...
Can I be charged for a dui if I was arrested for a different offense?
Had a car accident and was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid crash but was told I'm being charged with a dui when I went to court
YES! ABSOLUTELY! Your description of the events is somewhat scant but it is possible to be "charged" with DUI after the...
My misdemeanor DUI was raised to a felony because of a class 2 felony in 8 years earlier, not a DUI.
i was passed out in my car with keys in ignition, in front of my house. The car was not running and i was charged with r dui. That was later raised to a felony. 17 months later The charged was reduced back to a misdemeanor because of, what i was told, by the States Attorney the case was to old for the charge. They had changed the class-2 from 2007 to a burglary from 1978. But their still treating it like a felony, with felony probation. My lawyer sucked.
And it's still pending? Wow. Why do I think there's more to this.
How can you get a dui by walking to your broke down car?
The car broke down i left to get help and when i came back i was arrested for dui
Not sure why this was posted under lemon law. I will re-post so that you get answers regarding viable defenses to...
Can a DUI revoke my intense probation?
I'm currently on intense probation in Illinois and my wife got sick and threw up all over inside of the car. So I went to clean the car out and was pulled over for driving on suspended license and a DUI.
General conditions of any probation include obey all laws. You definitely need to consult with a criminal defense attorney.
Will I get US citizenship with DUI 8 years ago?
I wanted to know if I will have issue while filing for US Citizenship. I have been in USA for 14 years. I have had Green card for past 9 years. However 8 years ago I got a DUI. There was not property damage or accident involved. I had to take a class and my drivers license was suspended for a month. After this everything returned to normal. And since then I have not even had a single speeding ticket or parking violation. Mu record is clean. Even before DUI I had just one speeding ticket. Other than that nothing in my history. It was a stupid one time mistake and lesson learned. With this in mind and the current administration in mind do you think I will have issue with my filing for US citizenship?
You should direct this question to your immigration attorney. I have reclassified the question to that category.