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Will a first offense MIP in Colorado cause license suspension?
I recently got an MIP in Littleton, Colorado. It's my first offense. Will anything happen to my drivers license since this is my first offense or will I just have to do alcohol classes and/or community service?
While technically the DMV can revoke your license for a period of three months for a first MIP conviction, this is...
Will I be required to have interlock installed in my vehicle when I reinstate if I was charged with a DWAI in September 2014?
I know the laws changed January 1st 2014, stating that any denial of a chemical test after this date will result in the mandatory installation of interlock system upon reinstatement. I denied a chemical test in October of 2013 so I believe I am fine here; however, since my case was pending for over a year and I wasn't officially sentenced with my DWAI until September 2014, will I be required to get interlock bc it was after January 2014 or does that apply to DUI only? My case was related to marijuana so I'm not sure how this will go especially since they didn't have a test proving any level of intoxication.
You may luck out if you sat out the entire year of your revocation; however, you would be wise to hire an attorney if...
Will Jefferson county terminate probation early?
I was sentenced to two years probation for a dui involving an accident. I have completed 18 months with no issues during probation except i failed my first three ua's because of marijuana use before I was sentenced. I filed a motion for early termination 90 days ago and it was denied due to 1) the failed ua's for marijuana 2) because the dui involved an accident. What are the chances the judge will allow the early termination (or unsupervised probation) now?
A lot depends upon the judge and when you filed your motion for early termination. If it was the other day then any new...
Dui and liability
Is there any added liability for a corporation if you have a valid drivers license, valid insurance and drive occasionally for work and have 2 DUI s
Potentially yes. You are classified as higher risk because of your poor choices and prior driving behavior. Which...
I have two DUI convictions. My last one being 5 or 6 years ago. Will this affect me getting a real estate license in Colorado?
I'm currently 32. One charge was when I was 23 the other when I was 25
It depends in whether the licensing agency allows someone with a criminal conviction to get a license. Prior...
What are the chances that my level will be below a .05 w the added details below?
i had I shot at 955pm and finished a beer before 1040pm. pulled over, dui, ect. I gave blood at 1152pm. 15 min later I blew .028 & .019 (different pbt machines) 40 min later a .015. im thinking that the average of the breath test will be indicative of the bold level!?
Based on this information, I think it is likely that your blood alcohol level will be under .05. However, that isn't...
PO says I'm only gonna get tested 4 times a month, is this a set up? Can/will they test more often even if she is being honest?
I'm on probation for a first offense DUI. At our first meeting my probation officer said I'm a "low risk" case and that I only have to take 4 urine tests a month. I'm suspicious as to why she would tell me that if these tests are supposed to be random. I'm not worried about failing because I'm clean and I'm abstaining from all drugs and alcohol until probation is complete. I'm more concerned about the costs. With all the other expenses my conviction has incurred, I really can't afford $100+ a month in tests.
I think you are worrying over nothing.. The PO decides the number of tests and yes they are still random - but there...