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What can i do in court for mercy against a underage drinking ticket in Wi?
What happened was i drank with my friend & we went walking down the sidewalk & she had an open bottle. BUT the cops handcuffed me for no reason took my phone from my pocket & snooped in it. Their excuse for doing all that was they thought i was someone they wanted. then after realizing i wasn't who they were after breathalized me & gave me a drinking ticket. I had no open bottle but did admit to drinking. Please help i have court in 7 days :[ i'm only 17 years old i've never been in trouble EVER & i havn't lived my life ta b getting charged as an adult already..
Walking down the street with open intoxicants at any age is the equivalent of carrrying a flashing sign inviting police...
5th dui dismissed
i went to court and my 5th dui was dismissed w/o prejudise... first NO keys were found cuz the person that was driving had them ... the cop admitted that in court .... now another cop writes a statement 1 month later and says a totally different story . this new statement wasnt even signed or noterized ... anyone could of wrote it .whats funny is now there saying i talked on my phone as they arrested me and still says NO keys .... my lawyer lol at this new statement and there witness didnt even show for the pretrial . wondering what u think ???? would it just b totally dropped . the judge was mad at the police because it was all purgery ..... thank you
It sounds like you are in good hands. Why are you seeking council from someone on the internet about his situation....
What happens if someone doesnt show up for a sophenia to go on the stand in my favor ??
it was a drunk driving ticket and the idiiot took off so he wouldnt get the ticket !!!!
IF the subpoena was served on the person and he does not appear the judge can, by proper motion, issue a Rule to Show...
What was the penalty for dwi in Wisconsin in 1911
need answer for school project
Then I suggest you do your homework. Here's a place to start.
What is the post judgement interest rate for a DUI?
I was convicted of DUI in 2007 and had a judgement of $1366.50 as a fine. I was charged interest at $4.80 (4.25%apr)a month for 12 months, but have subsequently been charged $13.67 (12%apr) a month for about 5.5 years. I obviously forgot about the fine but I need to pay it off. Am I being charged the correct interest? If not, how can I rectify this? It seems as if I am being charged more than the state statute calls for on civil judgements.
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, but in California it is ten percent. I would think it ought to be the same in...
DUI and Background Check for Respite Care Worker
I was convicted of a DUI last year. A friend is looking to have me be a respite care worker for her foster kid. Will I be allowed to offer this service to her or will my DUI prevent this? Thanks for your help!
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, so please take my answer with that in mind. I do not think the State of Wisconsin...
How to prove the officer is lying
I was pulled over and took the breathalyzer, blew a .03 passed the field tests, but in the report the officer stated I blew a .141. I can't afford a lawyer so went to the public defenders office he said unfortunately there is nothing we can do. he also said it's unfortunate that was the officer that pulled me over because he's a known liar and I have to prove my innocence. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
You're still innocent until proven guilty. I'd agree that it's unfortunate that the officer is a liar, but that's why...