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arrested in September for DUI. I refused to blow because I was not intoxicated or had a drink. I had a class b cdl license that was suspended. In march my 6 month suspension was up and got my regular drivers license. Just had court last week and they dropped my dui charge to wreckless driving. Since I was not convicted of a DUI can I get my cdl license back now or do I have to wait 9 months?
I'm not sure but if an AVVO DUI lawyer from SC doesn't respond, consider calling a local SC DUI lawyer and ask this...
Back in 2010 i got a dui 1st charge, i blew 0, and the 2nd sobriety test i past, but because i showed up posstive for marijuana in a pee test, witch i told the officer i would cause i smoked two days before, when we went to court the officer talked me into pleaing guilty cause it would be cheaper to do asap then to pay my fine, i did so and now i wanna go back and fight it so i can get my license back can a lawler help me?
It is most likely too late to do anything at this point. Withdrawing a plea generally is only possible in very limited...
A friend of mine is a nurse in the operating room and she got a DUI, now she cant get another job. Is it possible to get it removed in the state of South Carolina?
Unfortunately, No. Traffic offenses (including DUI) are expressly excluded in the statute governing expungements (SC...
I was pulled over for dui, i feel i passed the sobriety test, but it was 30 degrees outside and im a southern gal, cannot handle the cold, i was shivering and by the time i got to the 1020 i put my leg down and said im too cold, and he arrested me. I did not blow, and i told officer reason for me not blowing is that i know that if one passes on sobriety test, u cannot give the other, and i did not fail that test. he said prove me wrong, I said i dont need to prove you wrong, i know the law, you should have asked me to blow first, and i been more than happy too. woke up, judge came in and said i want to see u in here november, youll be out shortly. That was out came home, noticed online when went to look at picture that it says disposed of.
That is your bail hearing that is disposed. You still have to go to court for the DUI charge. Hire an attorney.
My son recently found out that he has an old arrest warrant from 2007 outstanding in Minnesota for a DWI ticket. He currently lives in S.C. The state of SC is now telling him that they will suspend his license if the warrant is not removed by March 15th. Need to know how to proceed on this matter. So far we have tried contacting the City Prosecuting Attorney in Burnsville, MN, he is gone till March and the County offices in Dakota County said we need to talk to the prosecuting attorney so they won't do anything.
Hire an attorney in MN to assist you with the warrant.
Husband went to a club where the server who was my best friend at the time served my husband drinks. She knew he was intoxicated and was unable to drive a vehicle. She lives next door to us and didn't offer him a ride and didn't let me know he was drunk or even there. They let him drive home resulting in him falling asleep at the wheel and causing a minor car accident. No one was injured but he was charged with DUI and was fired from his job couple days later. The bar or her should somehow be liable for letting him leave knowing it wasn't SAFE for him or safety of others. A lot worse could of happened. My husband now has to take medicine for depression/anxiety and we are struggling to support our 3 kids. Our family is falling apart. Please what is something we can do!!
You are talking about potential Dram Shop liability case. Here is my page on that topic but you can also search it...
wat do u think will happen no record at all
Impossible to say w/o reviewing the evidence or even knowing if they preserved all the evidence which can happen from...