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Will the dwi show up in the new PA abstract????
I got dwi in new jersey and my license was suspended for 7 months first offense, now i have my license back and i will to move to Pennsylvania. My question is will the dwi show up in PA driving record if I change my driver license to PA STATE , for example will the dwi show up in the new PA abstract???? Thanks
If you get a DWI in any state it counts as a prior. And even with a new PA licence YOU are not allowed to drive in NJ...
What kind of drug test will they use for a conclusional discharge program
I go to visit my po this week for a conclusional discharge just wondering what kind of test they use in the state of jersey. Is it urine. Swab, or hair
I think you mean conditional discharge. If you are concerned about what type of test is in order, you are likely...
Can charges be dismissed or cld I still lose my daughter? Mum's live with Diabetes, Epilepsy, RA, and more, what's the diffrnce?
I was passed out and I knew is was too many Xanax. Me neighbor saw everything, EMT#1 says to EMT2, is heroin O/D, Narcan, EMT2 says OK. They gave me Narcan and I came thru. Child serv took my daughter due to Narcan hence I do heroin Heroin, I told them all, including the judge I do not take heroin or Perocet or Oxycontin etc. No pain pills. When I see the court report, I just read today, there are massive errors they took me to ER as an O/D for heroin, they failed to do a drug test. Upon me checking my meds, turns out I take Lomotil for stomach problems and that could very well be why the Narcan worked. My Dr. never said that was a "narcotic" he gavis me 100 for the month, says take 1 to 4 depending how bad u feel. Never mentioned overdose, addiction, in case of a,b or e c, do this or that., I just thought it was yet again another stomach medicine that wasn't going to work (which is hasn't! Now if they didn't do a drug test at the hospital, I'm admitting to using my Xanax as prescribed. and Narcan was due to lomotil (diphenoxylate and atropine) which I take also as prescribed 1-4 per episode. Why would there still be charges pending?
Any charge can be dismissed if the facts are right, but you have not given enough information for a lawyer to determine...
A drunk man backed into my parked car in a bar parking lot. What can and should I do?
He left dings and scratches where he hit me. I watched it happen along with three other people who can confirm this. I wouldn't let him go, so he offered me $60 to forget everything. I have the money currently, however, $60 is nothing for what I need. I took his plate number down, and didn't spend the money. next time I see this man, I'm giving him his money back. Can I take this to court and sue?
Yes you insurance agency yours and his. File police report.
How do I get a restricted licence in Colorado
My licence is suspended for a third dui. In NJ. If I go to Colorado will I be able to get a license to go to work
You should post this question to Colorado attorneys. But keep in mind, that even if you are able to get a license in...
I'm 16 and got arrested while on probation. Please answer my question down below.
I was arrested on October, 2016 for marijuana (2 blunts) and paraphernalia and had court 2 months later. The judge said he wanted to give me a 1K fine, 1 year license suspension even tho I was in the back seat and still have no license, but just gave me 6 month probation which started in Jan, 3rd 2017. I got arrested again on Jan 2, 2017, 1 day before probation started. I told my P.O and she immediately suggested me in a Drug Program which I'm in now. I've been sober for 62 days now and grades in school are good. I truly messed up by getting arrested again and I hate myself for it. The program is for 6 months and I've completed 1 month already. It's possible i can be out in 5 because I'm doing really well with attendance, behavior and urine tests. I have court on the March 28th. Any help or words on with what I'll receive? I'm really worried. Thank you.
Everything depends on the judge and prosecutor you have and the quality of attorney you or your parents picked. A good...
How do I go about looking into suing the methadone clinic?
I've been detoxing myself for over a year and a half. From 100 mg I'm down to 25mg..they are threatening to Administratively Detox me if I Refuse to be Injected with the TB-Mantoux test. My research shows that you should be tested once every 4 year's. This is Not the first time that this clinic has Not upheld their end of the ...HELPING THE INDIVIDUAL
The elements of a tort are 1. Existence of a duty 2. Violation of the standard of care 3. The violation...