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Can I be revoked for a bad urinalysis.
Need to see my p.o. and I have used marijuana in the last week.
Not using illegal substances is likely a condition of your probation. When you violate your conditions, you can be...
Best course of action for an absolute sobriety with a BAC of .05
I was pulled over and charged with an absolute sobriety. I am 20 years old, birthday is june 25th. I passed all field tests and blew a .06. I was taken for blood work and my actual BAC was .05. I plan to plead no contest. Best course of action wpuld be to say what?
If you plead "no contest" you will be found guilty and suffer the mandatory license suspension. Best course of action...
Can I get a bartender license if I have a DUI?
Almost 3 years ago I got a DUI. I'm not on probation or anything like that. Am I able to get a bartender license and a liquor license through the town?
This is really a licensing issue, and not a criminal law/DUO & DWI question. I will change the Practice area for you...
I have received an absolute sobriety citation in kimberly wisconsin. Any way to avoid the 3 month suspension of my license?
I was pulled over for a burnt out license plate light and was suspected of drinking. They took me and tested my sobriety. I passed the tests but blew a .067. I was cooperative and polite with the officer which he appreciated. I turn 21 in june and my court date is mid april. How can i avoid the suspended license?
The license suspension is mandatory, so the only way to avoid it is avoid conviction. Since it sounds like you dodged a...
Will my BAC results be admissible in court if the hospital has no record of my being there?
I was charged with an OWI in Wisconsin after failing a sobriety test (I was never pulled over, the cop came up to my car in an empty parking lot calling my husband for a ride home after getting food poisoning during dinner with my sisters and 3 glasses of wine). I was then taken to a local hospital for a blood test as I blew over the legal limit (having just vomited less than 10 minutes prior to being administered the PBT). I put in a records request for my BAC results with the hospital 7 days after the date of my arrest, and received a response in the mail today advising that they could not complete my request as they "have no records of me being a patient". I am a bit worried that they have no records for me, especially having a blood test done. If they have no records for me, would the BAC results be admissible in court?
The hospital would have drawn your blood, but the sample is sent to a state lab for testing. You likely were not a...
What should I do for my oar?
Just a few minutes ago I was pulled over for an operating after revocation in Appleton Wisconsin . I currently have a revocation due to DUI. My last dui was November 2011 and the only citation since was an OAR in 2015 due to complications with getting my hours changed on my valid occupational. I am due to be reinstated august 31, 2017 and my court date is march 27, 2017. Do I have a decent chance of getting this dropped?
Not likely, since repeated violation of the same law generally gets you harsher treatment, not easier treatment, under...
Can I be charged with two fourth owis
I got a fourth owi in February then got another in March
As I'm sure you're already aware, if you're being charged with two 4th offense OWIs, somebody screwed up somewhere. It'...