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Got a DUI first offense + 530.060 (endangering welfare of minor)in KY. Never been in trouble b4 and wondering what im looking at
Was in wreck 4 years ago and went to hospital. Never seen any law enforcement and also everytime ive been pulled over or went through roadbloack nothing popped up. One day get seatbelt ticket and boom they take me to jail for a benchwarrant for a crime i knew nothing about. I've never been in trouble before except traffic tickets and don't know what to do.
As for the DUI you are looking at a 30-120 day suspension of your license a fine up to $500, up to thirty days in jail....
What to expect for 4th DUI in Kentucky.
Friend just got fourth DUI in less than 2 years in Kentucky. A jury trial has been set up. What kind of sentencing can he expect for a 4th DUI with aggravated circumstances in this time period?
Your friend is looking at serious jail-time and a felony conviction. He or she needs to get an attorney. Try Avvo's "...
Can my lawyer help with a federal violation of probation with a d.u.i?
I am on federal probation and just got a dui. This is the first time I violated. I have been doing good since i got out in February 2016. I have two prior dui's in '99 and '01. I did ten years prior to getting out .
You should probably ask your lawyer that question. If you were appointed an attorney through the CJA (i.e. federal...
What will happen when a monitoring service such as Kaps, says that I've failed to report for a drug screen?
Recently was informed that I was called to report for a drug screen, however there is no record of the call and every time I've been called for one there has been a message left and a call to a secondary number as to I work and can't have phone inside the facility. Never have missed a test as to I have no drug problem. I've been a a success story if the system has had one as I've been gainfully employed for two years and with only a mere month left for my probationary obligations, would be absolutely idiotic to blatantly ignore a screen without absolutely any reason to. Looking for advice and/or peace of mind please.
If you are not complying with Court orders you can go to jail. If it was a honest mistake they may not file a violation...
I got my first dui in Kentucky and I'm a resident of Illinois. Will my liscense be suspended immediately at court?
I went to the Evansville/Henderson area to visit friends last week and was pulled over and arrested for my first dui. No aggravating circumstances and I was cooperative. My largest concern is my liscense because I live in a rural area with no bus system to get to work, I have drill with the national guard on the weekends, and of course I have to drive out of state to get to and from court. Is there any chance ofna grave period before suspension that would atleast allow me to get home.
Kentucky does not do pretrial suspensions of your right to drive in Kentucky on non-refusal non-aggravated DUI cases....
If u was let out of jail with a pass drug screen is it still possible to fail ur first test when called?
I was released on mcr with a pass drug screen on possession charge. I was wondering if all u was gave in jail was water could it of dilated me enough to pass to get out and if I could still fail if that was the case? The jail only gives water to drink with every meal.
This isn't a DUI question. Repost under criminal law.
Could my test for mcr release been dilated enough to get me a faint negative?
I'm out on mcr release and I dilated myself with lots of water to get out of jail. What happens if I get called and was to fail for the burephoene when I barley passed it jail with a very faint line?
You've violated your terms which could result in jail. Contact a local DUI lawyer.