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What do I need to get license back after a dui and u owe too much to collections?
I got a dui back in 08 and ever since I've been getting driving on suspended license violations I believe this is my 3rd or 4th one. I have a good steady job and can afford payments But I will need to drive to work. Maybe restricted license Help please I really need to get my license back!
You need to pay it off. You are past the point of payments, have a hold on your license and are subject to having your...
Does my husband need a attorney
My husband got his 4th dui and he was realized from jail in the 3nd nd had court there but instead they let him go they gave him his paperwork but didn't issue a following court date on it or didn't get a court date mailed out. They issued him a warranty but wasn't home at that time so he went in on his own to see what was going on and they issue him a new court date instead. I'm scared cause he has a stable job and a 6 months baby with the rsv virus and I'm not working. What is he facing he.
4th DUI if charged is a felony. 6months minimum jail with 1 year maximum, fines, 5 years formal probation, loss of...
Arrested for a dui ,should i request a dmv hearing?
i have court Feb 27 i am wondering what the difference is between getting a dmv hearing or not, although i am not able to afford an attorney, so will the hearing be any good?
Yes! Even if you have to do it yourself it is better then forfeiting and letting the DMV win by default. Although...
Got a dui 1/30/12 charged with both 23152A & B... didnt mention what my BAC was what should i do before court? any options
should i get a restricted license? if not how long before i receive my regular license back... total beers(4 buglights. 16oz) 9:00pm began drinkin around 10:45 had my last beer. took off from the bar 11 or soo...arrested at 11:30 for slightly going over one of the lanes as i turned. booked aroun 1 am released at 7:15 am. i was never told my BAC any advise...
If you were served with an Order of Suspension at the time of your arrest, and the .08 or higher box is checked off on...
How will dui charges stack for boat offenses?
My friend has been charged with boating under the influence in California. He has 4 prior duis. His 3rd more than ten years ago. His last more than 7.
Please encourage your friend to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. He could be facing a significant...
Do I need to still need to do my dui classes and get a sr22 to get my license back after having a dui for exactly 10 years ?
I got my DUI in Dec of 05, I never got around to doing any of my DUI classes because I didn't have the funds to do so. I never got a sr22 because I never had a car after my DUI. Pretty much I didn't really drive for a while and i haven't got anything on my record since. Now I'm trying to get my license back and buy a car, went to DMV and they said I still need to do my classes and get the sr22. Question is, should I just wait a couple more months till the ten year mark and save some money, or does that not even matter. Would I still have to do all those things to get my license back after Dec?
Only of you ever want to drive again.
Live in California Was Wondering If My Three DUI's will effect me getting a license in Texas?
But each Dui is about 6 yrs apart. Currently can't get a job here and risking driving without a license. Can I apply for a license in Texas?
You can apply for a license anywhere you want, but you can't escape your DMV history here in CA. Most likely, you won'...