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Can I fight the dmv on an interlock
Dui 6.5 years ago..driving on susPended over a year my license back went to court dropped fron driving on suspened to no dmv wants be gave one for a whole year. I can't afford it or think under circumstances it's fair.
You'll never beat the DMV on this issue. You want a license, install the IID.
What do I need to get license back after a dui and u owe too much to collections?
I got a dui back in 08 and ever since I've been getting driving on suspended license violations I believe this is my 3rd or 4th one. I have a good steady job and can afford payments But I will need to drive to work. Maybe restricted license Help please I really need to get my license back!
You need to pay it off. You are past the point of payments, have a hold on your license and are subject to having your...
Arrested for a dui ,should i request a dmv hearing?
i have court Feb 27 i am wondering what the difference is between getting a dmv hearing or not, although i am not able to afford an attorney, so will the hearing be any good?
Yes! Even if you have to do it yourself it is better then forfeiting and letting the DMV win by default. Although...
Son is 24 and has 2 DUIs and suspended license. He was pulled over for suspended license, will he go to jail?
He had just left work heading home. He could lose his job if he goes to jail. He doesn't know why he was pulled over. Please help.
He was most likely pulled over because the license plate was run by the officer and came back as belonging to someone...
I got a dui in 2010, is there a way to just get it dropped?
I have one vehicle which my better half uses and do not want to have her having to blow in a breathalyzer every 30 minutes
Yes with the express permission and motion to dismiss by the prosecuting Attorney.
Can I get convicted of a DUI if I have not signed paperwork??
Ok, so I was recently pulled over because supposedly my tail lights were out. When the officer pulled me over, he asked me if I had been drinking. He performed the field sobriety test, and I passed it, but they still decided to take me to the substation. When I got there, the officer badgered me into trying to admit that I had been drinking. They did not hold me, instead they gave me a paper with a court date. I went to the court date, and the clerk said that the officer messed up the paperwork. Ever since I left, the officer has been calling me asking me to go sign some paperwork (which I haven't). He gave me his personal number and has been calling me asking me to meet up somewhere. If that paperwork has not been signed can I still get convicted? What can I do? He never gave me a ticket, it was just a paper, and it didn't even have my blood alcohol content on it.
This is a very strange situation you're in. You have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney. I suggest...
How many feet or yards does an escape route have to be before a dui check point can be legal?
Around 1976 dui check points started and a lot of those diu,s had been overturned around 1977 it was unconstitutional , And in order to continue with dui check points they had to make an escape route to make it legal,
It's not really a question of distance. Police can get around the "escape route" requirement by locating the...