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How much does it cost to get a green card back that was revoked due to two DUIs?
Vietnamese nail tech that messed up years ago is trying to get his green card back. How does he go about fixing this situation?
That is a very big question involving a lot of facts not provided. this tech should consult with an experienced...
Early termination of misdemeanor agg dui in steuben county ny?
Hi.wondering if anyone knew the possibilities of early termination of prob. For agg dui.misdemeanor in steuben county ny..been 18 months on.without incident.askd p.o about early release all he said was possibly....jus yesterday new p.o. and askd and she said in steuben you have to do full 3 yrs..i ca.ot find any info specific to count by county requirements...does anyone know...if a lawyer can help thru it i will pursue initial lawyer also a personal friend has been less than helpful.appreciate your combined knowledge.thank you
You can make a motion to the Judge but given the charge I think the odds are small to none.
I I got a DWI in 1995 a driving while impaired and Richmond Virginia in 1998 aggravated DWI in 2006 does this fall in the 25-ye?
I have a class A CDL I have to get back to work do I have to wait that five year mark
If you have 3 or more alcohol related convictions (the NYS DMV refusal hearing also counts as a separate conviction),...
I was pulled over for speeding on the I86 in Steuben County Bath New York for doing 91 miles per hour on a 65 mile per hour Zone
so my question is will I be eligible for the reduction program if I have a driving while impaired on my driving record from 3 years ago in a different County
The application for a reduction does request that the applicant disclose any prior DWIs within the last ten years. So,...
Can a dwi from 1995 cause issues in hunting rights like hunting with a gun?
Well I was out hunting I had shot a deer and somebody I turned me in. Now the cops have taken my guns apparently I have felony from when I got dwi back in 1995.. How could this happen I haven't had any more dwi and have been hunting for years and never had a problem. Or is it because it's still on my lincese from yrs ago?
There is one other person in the country with the same name as me. He has a criminal record and filed for bankruptcy....
What is the general jail time served for a felony dwi that is dropped to a misdemeanor if chosen not to take up to 3 years prob?
The second dwi in 5 years is a felony that is being reduced to a misdemeanor. I'm looking into the ratio of times served so I'm not wasting my life living on probation rules considering I'm planing to leave the state way before 3 years time. Is there any way to know what the range of jail time is vs. The 3 years probation time?
The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor DWI (an unclassified misdemeanor) is up to 1 year in county jail.
DWAI in NY state??
I got pulled over for my headlights not being on, basically the car smelled like marijuana and I got pulled out of the car, searched and then did field sobriety tests. I was arrested and taken to the station where I repeated the sobriety tests then got taken to get blood drawn. The officer said "I'm not giving you any tickets tonight". So if I didn't get any tickets then, does that mean I got away with it???
Not necessarily. The police may be waiting for the results of the blood test.