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Can I be illegible for compensation if I been convicted for 5 years imprisonment, spent 4, then my time been redused to 364 day
I was convicted with aggravate assault 2nd degree for 5 years imprisonment with 85%. I spent 4 years in prison and filed a PCR ( post conviction relief ) wich has me as 364. Basically I overdone my time more 1000 days. I would like to file a lawsuit against State of NJ for that 1000+ days, and get some compensation.
There are all kinds of problems with such a suit. You need to speak to a PI or civil rights attorney not a criminal law...
Can I sue the Dmv for suspending my Cdl license without informing my before hand?
I was a bus operator who was discharged for driving with a suspended license but knew nothing about it until my supervisor was contacted by the Dmv I received the letter after I was suspended it was prepared after my suspension I'm in the middle of buying a house I'm so stressed out is there anything I can do about this matter Thanks
Yes. You have a CDL that you depend on to live, you got a questionable suspension. Get a lawyer to do the best possible...
I was stopped for a dwi and received five tickets in linden nj, half a block from my house I'm a single parent with three
I was stopped for dwi first offense,after a tasting and don't even drink,but I received 5 tickets, dwi, careless driving ,reckless driving ,too close to police car and no signal..I have tree children and just started a new on11/13 was on unemployment for three year..please help..I have no family in my area,if I lose my license the bank takes my car insurance goes up,and go on welfare? Any pro bono help.
It is unlikely that you will find pro bono help. However, you may be eligible for the public defender which has a fee...
I received a DUI in NYS but I have a NJ license ...this is my first offense. Will my license be suspended in NJ?
I have a Nov court date. I was told I could plea bargain the DUI to a lower charge that will not show upon as a criminal offense.
It might be amended to something that doesn't show a criminal record, but New Jersey will recognize any license...
What are my legal rights after getting into an accident with a drunk driver?
I was driving in the left hand lane and was rear ended by a driver who was intoxicated. What legal rights do I have? Should I bring this to civil court? And why are lawyers trying to get me to pay for my own medical diagnostics? Shouldn't that be the other driver's responsibility?
If you have counsel, these questions are best answered by those professionals.
Arrested for a dui can a officer give someone my keys without asking for a driver license?
The person to whom the officers gave my keys to were intoxicated and didnt have a license is this actionable for a dui in court for not following proper procedures?
It could be. Depends on what happened. I would be more concerned about defending the DWI charges.
Under age drinking
I was recently caught for underage drinking. 14 of us were at the house. 3 of the people told the cops they could not come in and kept on refusing. The cops ended up coming in and saw alcohol in the house. When the cops came into the house I did everything they said and just listened to everything. They ended up arresting all 14 of us. They said it was because of the three mouthing off to them. I am 18 years old and this is my first time ever getting in trouble with the police. It is Tuesday and my court hearing is on Monday. I really have no idea what I am supposed to do because this is my first time ever in trouble.
You should call a lawyer. You may have several possible defenses depending on the details. The consequences of a...