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How can I drop a felony drug charge to a misdemeanor
I was arrested for drugs and a syringe and flunked a drug test but I have been clean off of drugs for almost 4 years. I'm disabled and need to get food stamps
With the sole discretion of the prosecutor, best to ask your free or hired Criminal Defense Attorney.
How can I be accepted in the DACA program if I have a DUI on my record?
I have a DUI and I want to apply for the DACA program, my DUI was 2 years ago, will the DACA program accept my application?
It is very unlikely that an applicant with a DUI will be approved for DACA, regardless of whether it was charged as a...
If I sealed my dui that I had 2 years ago can I apply for DACA? Is it possible to sealed a 2 year old dui?
there were not injuries or anything like that, it was just a regular stop, I was never told how much alcohol I had they just told I was over the limit. I did all my probation and all my classes fine, and I haven't had any trouble since then. The reason why I want to do this is because I want to apply for DACA anD hopefully be accepted, I already apply but they they send a letter saying a didn't qualify, so I want to do this and apply again since I heard that they are now accepting that. Thanks
I am not licensed in Indiana, but in California, sealing a two-year old case is not possible unless one is a juvenile...
I just heard on the radio today that the program DACA is now accepting applications of people that have a DUI, is that for real
I was charged with a DUI 2 years, and I have already applied for DACA but they said I wasn't eligible for it, and today I heard that they are now taking applications with a DUI, have somebody apply yet so I can see that this is for real.
You must be hearing different radio than we do. No, the DACA applications are impacted by the recent federal stay.
Will I be charged with both minor consumption and public intoxication, or just one?
I was at a tailgate and approached for underage consumption. The ticket stated something along the lines of "Did commit the offense of minor consumption, pursuant to statute 7.1-5-1-3." Since that statute that is referenced is for public intoxication (which I don't believe I was, they had me blow a breathalyzer but since I had just taken a sip of beer when approached it read as above ,40 which is a BAC that would kill even an experienced drinker, let alone a minor). I had two beers, which would be about a .075 BAC. I was just wondering if I would only be charged with the minor consumption, or just the public intoxication, and if I'm charged with both can I enter a deferral program that will wipe both of those off my record?
No one can tell you what you will be charged with, however, you can be charged with both if the facts fit both crimes....
I have a 10yr license suspention in indiana for 3 dui covictions within ten yrs, can i get a hardship?
dui was in 02,06 and 2010..its been just over two yrs w no license. i need to travel 15miles to work and taxi rides twice a day really add up and "bumming a ride" doesnt always work out. the rest of my record is fairly speeding ticket, one seatbelt or two....ive completed all my terms of probation, including substance there any type of license i could apply or petition for??
You cannot get a hardship license until you have completed 5 years of the 10 year HTV suspension. At that point you may...
What should i expect after i was in an accident with my child in the car while i was intoxicated, but not arrested at the scene?
I was involved in a single car accident with no damage to vehicle or property. I was intoxicated and had my four year old son in the car. I was not given a breathalyzer at the scene, but was taken to hospital in ambulance. My son nor myself was not treated for injury. Blood was drawn and the hospital with a "very high" BAC, i do not know specific. I was released from the hospital later that night under care of my family member. I have had no contact from the police regarding the matter as of now. Hospital social worker said i would be contacted by the child protection services. What should i expect to happen next?
It is possible that the information was given to a prosecutor to review and determine what, if any, charges to file....