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Got stopped 3 mths ago and urine tested no tickets or arrest the officer calls and wants me to come sign owi
Officer asks me 3 months later to come in and sign owi what if I don't? I did a urine test that day was not ticketed or arrested took proof in next day and all med was returned to me what can they do if I don't go in and sign
The same thing they will do if you do go in and sign. Hire a lawyer now and stop speaking to the police.
1st DUI is the time between when you give up your license(July 1st) and court date(Sept 1) count towards the 180 days?
On a 1st DUI offense if you have given up your license on July 1st and your judgment is going to be Sept.1st. Does this time count towards your 180 day judgment if convicted?
If your license was suspended for failing the breath test, there will not be an additional period of suspension imposed...
How do I contest the DOT's requirements for reinstatement if I was never convicted of OWI?
I was charged with an OWI which was later thrown out of court and I was not convicted. I have shown the DOT proof of this decision and they still require I go through the examination, drunk driver school, civil penalty and so forth. Why do I still need to do this when it was proven that I was innocent of the OWI?
The revocation is based on the breath test result or refusal. The State could have not even filed the charge and you...
My ex-wife is physically abusing my sonI have past abuses on video.Both whn drunk & not drunk.she has been abusive to me for 8yr
We seperated on June 7th last yr w/ me getting a ordr of protection on her w/my kids and I.(son is 7 & dhgtr is 3.She had strtd drinking in 2011 becoming vrbally abusive to the kids & I,& @ times physically to me.I never put my hands on her no matter how bad it was.The worse was March to June 2013.She really became phsclly abusive to me.So in April I strtd recording these events on video w/out her knowledge.June 7th I got ordr of protection I had the kids.My lawyer @ the time advised me to setup mediation.We did so & she got kids with partial family supervision.I was visiting w/kids last son said mom had grabbed him on face and pushed himdown.Last june had also smacked his face bad and spanked him his behind was purple.I cant afford lawyer right now.What do I do? I live in IL now.
You definitely need the help of a lawyer. It sounds like your case is pending in Iowa. The abuse should qualify you...
The driver and passenger have been charged with OWI.Can my Lawyer file for motion to suppress DWI evidence since I didn' drive?
I am the passenger that was asleep once the accident occurred. I lost conciseness once when I woke up my body was in the back seat. Police charged me and the driver who confessed being a driver of his vehicle. I asked the police officer why I am being charged with an OWI! He said that the witness believes that I was the driver but isn’t sure. I did refuse the PBT test because I wasn’t driving. Now the witness is the opposite driver, the vehicle that hit us. In the police report states that the witness saw my torso in the back seat and my legs hanging in the driver’s seat. He stated that he saw my driver in the passenger seat. My driver confessed at the scene that he was driving the vehicle numerous times; he confessed that also a front of the Jail Judge. The actual driver got sentenced and pleads guilty that he was a driver. I am still being prosecuted. Is it possible to file for motion to suppress DWI evidence? If the prosecutor decides not to file charges against me, I will still lose my license for 2 years. How is this possible? I really do need some professional advice. Thank you
You will need to challenge whether there were reasonable grounds to believe that you were operating a motor vehicle....
Is a 1st offence dui in Iowa considered a "Criminal Conviction"?
I'm completing a background check for a new job and I need to list out any "Criminal Convictions" I've had and this is the only thing I think would be close to one. It was a 1st offence back in 2005. I know this is a misdemeanor, but is a misdemeanor a criminal conviction?
It would matter if you received a deferred judgment and successfully discharged the probation. If you had the deferred...
What happens if a blood sample for a dui is destroyed before you can have it retested?
If your blood tests for a dui came back over the limit, are the police required to provide you with the sample so you can have it retested? The toxicology report says the sample would be destroyed after 90 days and it has been well over the 90 days since it was tested. Would the tests results get thrown out if the blood sample was destroyed before the discovery process?
Most agencies hold onto blood for six months before destroying the blood for retesting purposes. if the State is going...