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Can I be conceived o DWI in north Carolina
When the no one saw me driving the car, and the keys were not in the car, and I had a witness who tolld the court I was not driving the car at any time, the driver had wrecked the car, and the driver and the witness went to get help, and I was just sitting in the front seat smokinga cigareete, and fell asleep in the drivers seat, but the car was totaled and like I said the keys was not on me or in the car and they still charged me with DWI , is that legal and can they convict me of dwi
The State has to prove every element of the crime, including driving. If they have a witness or an officer that can put...
Received driving with suspended license ticket, have restricted paper license, can I fight this?
I have a restricted paper license that states can drive to and from work, education purposes and household maintenance. I have proper registration, insurance and was driving within hours and days of license. Had groceries in vehicle that I picked up and was going home.
With these facts you should challenge the ticket. Hire an attorney to assist you. Good luck.
I was convited on 6/4/08 of a habitual DWI, I was told by Dmv to get an assesment and pay my fines and they would have a Dmv hearing. Well the assesment lady told me to call a hearing officer she knows and the hearing officer said NO.. Im confused and need help.. Everyone is telling me different stories and im lost on who to believe...The hearing officer said you have to free of any charges for 10 years.. Not just things to do with driving but all and anything..She said if you have'nt had charges for 9 years n 6 months n u get a ticket for Jay walking then your 10 year clock starts over???? CRAZY RIGHT??? So yes i need help..
I would suggest you go speak with a top DUI lawyer in your area. These have gotten so crazy and technical that is...
Can I be convicted of a 3rd dwi jf the 2nd one thrown out because it was on a private rd?
went to coming home left state maintained rd, my cat ran out in front of me and I hit my breaks really hard and slid on then gravel on the wet grass and hit my slid into my neighbors truck
The fact that it was a private road does not really matter any more. I believe that this gravel road meets the...
Can you get a pjc for your second dwlr?
Iam currently on probation for a DUI.. My probation ends in July I have done everything required even paid my fines.. Iam also a single mother of two small children. I was convicted of a dwlr in jan 2013 and was given 12 months unsupervised probation... So now iam on two diff kinds of probation.. On Memorial Day I was pulled and received my second dwlr !! Is it possible for me to get a pjc for this one.. By the time I go to court for this they shouldn't be able to bring my DUI up in court which should make me eligible for a pjc?
Granting a PJC is always up to a judge in a situation lie this. But they are not common. You need to hire the best...
Should i get a lawyer for an underage drinking ticket? will this go on my record and for how long?
if an underage drinking goes on your record how can you get it off? I am 20 years old
Maybe. It is possible that the county where you are charged offers a deferred pprosecution to first time offenders for...
I got a dui in 2008 and have since went to school for medical assisting and want to know if I can get it expunged.
cleaveland county nc 2008
No, you cannot get a DWI expunged from your record in North Carolina. Sorry I can't give you better news. Good luck...