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What are my chances that I will be granted my license back at a DMV hearing? I have had 3 DWIs all under the age of 21
I had a dw at age 17 my license were suspended a year after getting them back I got 2 more DWIs in the same week all under the age of 21.i have completed all alcohol classes and even did further treatment, it has been 5 years and I just sent all my paperwork regarding the hearing. I have not drove or had any driving charges in the 5 years I haven't had license. My license are revoked permanently. I havent had a drink in a year and I'm nervous about my hearing what are my chances in getting my license back?
If you don't have an attorney - your odds are likely less than slim and none. But give it your best shot - the worst...
Received driving with suspended license ticket, have restricted paper license, can I fight this?
I have a restricted paper license that states can drive to and from work, education purposes and household maintenance. I have proper registration, insurance and was driving within hours and days of license. Had groceries in vehicle that I picked up and was going home.
With these facts you should challenge the ticket. Hire an attorney to assist you. Good luck.
Can you get a pjc for your second dwlr?
Iam currently on probation for a DUI.. My probation ends in July I have done everything required even paid my fines.. Iam also a single mother of two small children. I was convicted of a dwlr in jan 2013 and was given 12 months unsupervised probation... So now iam on two diff kinds of probation.. On Memorial Day I was pulled and received my second dwlr !! Is it possible for me to get a pjc for this one.. By the time I go to court for this they shouldn't be able to bring my DUI up in court which should make me eligible for a pjc?
Granting a PJC is always up to a judge in a situation lie this. But they are not common. You need to hire the best...
Should i get a lawyer for an underage drinking ticket? will this go on my record and for how long?
if an underage drinking goes on your record how can you get it off? I am 20 years old
Maybe. It is possible that the county where you are charged offers a deferred pprosecution to first time offenders for...
Can my probation officer lock me up for failing a drug test at a court ordered drug treatment program
Can I probation officer lock you up for failing a drug test at a court ordered drug treatment program
It depends on the terms of your probation. If the court ordered you to successfully complete the drug treatment as a...
We are planning a trip to Italy, I have felony DWI in my back round prior to 1998 and a clean record since then.
I have been denied entry to Canada but will Italy also deny me entry. Hate to buy airfare for that kind of money and be sent home.
If you are a U.S. citizen, you should check with the nearest Italian consulate or the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C....
LINCOLN COUNTY, NC Alcohol Assessing Agencies and/or ADETS Education Organizations
Alternatives of Lincoln County Inc.336-A North Highway 16Denver, NC 28037County: LincolnContact: Lisa RabenoldPhone: 704-489-8199E-mail Alternatives of Lincoln County II2112 Amey Street, Suite BLincolnton, NC 28092County: Lincoln Contact: Lisa Rabenold Phone: 704-489-8199E-mail...