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Can I testify against my husband on a DWI charge that he has?
My husband got a DWI in September of 2016 and his current lawyer has not done a very good job and now he has a new lawyer and that lawyer has told him that I will be testify because the prosecute has me testifying and I don't feel I can do it.
There is something called marital privilege in Nebraska evidence law that prevents spouses from testifying in certain...
Will I get my open container violation dropped if my friend gets his dui and open container dropped?
I was the passenger in the vehicle when my friend got pulled over for a DUI. The officer also gave us each a open container as there were empty beer cans in the back. He is expecting to get all his charges dropped in court. If his charges get dropped will mine get dropped without going to court and will I have to pay the fine?
I doubt your friend will get his DUI dropped. You are likely to have to plead guilty and received a best a fine or have...
Is there a chance to remove this DUI from my record?
I am 22 years old with no previous offenses. I recently was pulled over while driving home late on a Saturday night when I was pulled out too far at a red light. The officer breathalyzed me and I blew a .12 (over the legal limit). There was three other passengers in the car with me who received MIP's. I'm trying to go to law school, and I'm a college athlete with a near perfect GPA. With a good lawyer, is there any chance a DUI could be removed from my record?
Perhaps, best to hire that good lawyer asap to advise after reviewing all the facts and evidence.
Am I eligible to receive diversion?
I was in the passenger seat coming home from a party, with 3 other people. The driver pulled out a little too far in the intersection at a red light were we were pulled over and asked to take a breathalyzer. The driver was of drinking age and blew a .12 (legal limit was .08) and received a DUI. The other 2 girls and I (all of us are 18 years old) blew under the legal limit (I blew a .06). When the officer asked if there was alcohol in the car we were honest and handed him 6-7 cans of unopened containers located throughout the car, although none of us were in direct contact of holding any of the containers. We all received MIP's. I'm wondering the likelihood of being granted diversion (this is my first ever offense), the process of receiving diversion (if I need a lawyer, etc.), and anything else that can potentially help remove this offense from my criminal record?
Before doing anything you should discuss this with an attorney. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the...
Will a DUI misdemeanor cause a college student to fail a criminal background check?
I know someone applying for a resident assistance position at a college university and the requirements state applicants must successfully pass a criminal background check. The DUI happened in high school when this person was making bad choices. This was literally days after their 18th birthday but they were not represented well by their lawyer and couldn't get any lesser charges or moved to juvenile court. Since the incident this person turned their life around, stopped drinking, and is pursing higher education to better their future. Is there anyway to get the charge off their record and is their past slip up going to ruin their chance at this job?
As of right now, Nebraska does not have any type of expungement procedure for criminal convictions. Assuming this...
What should I expect after having a motion to suppress a breathalyzer test for a DUI being denied?
Was arrested for DUI in Nebraska. Went to court already and the motion to suppress the breath test was denied. What happens from here?
Discuss this with your attorney as they are in best position to advise you.
What if I fail a drug test for alcohol?
I am on probation for a felony drug charge and have been on it for one month. I've done very well but I drank and am afraid I might fail if the alcohol shows up. Will I get a warning or will they revoke me?
Depends on your probation officer they just might give you a warning. since we are not your probation officer the...