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What would happen if I leave a state I don't reside in for a misdemeanor dui charge?
Got a dui in a state I'm not a resident in. Currently out here for work and work is almost done. I just want to leave and forget about it. I can't afford jail time or the probation part. Working in Denver Colorado and live in Indiana
There are only a few states that do not participate in an agreement to notify all the states of a DUI charge. If you...
Do i really need a lawyer for a DUI in Colorado?
my daughter received a DUI outside of Denver CO and is trying to decide if she needs to hire a lawyer or not. she has never had any offenses or tickets (no speeding tickets, no seat belt tickets, etc) she moved from Virginia to the Denver area in early April 2017 so she is there alone with no family and I really don't have the money to help her with the expenses right now.
For so many reasons, yes, your daughter should not face a DUI charge alone. Perhaps she qualifies for a public defender....
How long does it take to get booked for a dui? Arrested at 3:00 am bond is set but still will not release from jail.
Say they are waiting for background check. How long does it typically take?
Hopefully you are out by now. Booking/intake and release times vary by county, time of day, day of the week, etc. Its...
What will be the possible outcome of my court hearing having 5 charges: DUI, DUI A, Eluding, Speeding and Wreckless Driving?
This is my first time getting arrested. one of the charges is a felony. I dont know what to do. Where can I find a lawyer?
Get criminal defense counsel to have the best chance to preserve your record and your freedom.
Was injured in an accident as a passenger with a presumably drunk driver who fled the scene.
I was at a bar with mys sister, and two guys whom we met there invited us to go to a bonfire. I was sitting in the front passenger seat. The driver took a hard right and hit a pole. Both the driver and his friend ran off. My sister pulled me out of the car. I was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital where performed a cat scan. The injures are exclusive to my face mostly, with back and neck pain. I have a badly split lip and cannot work until it heals because I can't talk normally. Last I head the other passenger was apprehended and arrested on multiple warrants. The vehicle was registered to a 51 year old male(presumably dirver's father)
Talk to a local personal injury attorney. It may be helpful to bring your auto insurance policy with you to that...
How does it work with a repeated offender (dui) driving under restraint , drunk , and on probation ?
Relative was in a recent accident , hitting a tree .hospital took blood, and she was indeed intoxivated . She had a revoked license & on probation w/multiple DUI's. She wasn't ticketed or arrested yet, and feels like she is not going to have consequences ? She never had an officer contact her about this or her PO, and I believe this is her 5th dui?
She's in serious trouble, and while you may not know it, she likely does, or will very soon. A call to the court in the...
Can I get the DMV to drop the 2 yr interlock and alcohol classes? My DUI charge was dismissed I'm confused ?
My DUI case was dismissed today. I already had my hearing months ago with DMV where they told me I had to get interlock for 2 yrs, alcohol classes and sr22. I was drugged that night, wasn't driving but had my keys. Cops thru me in jail. They had no breath or blood work. My lawyer said the DMV is separate and nothing could be done. This can't be true! Please help!
The DMV hearing is an administrative hearing. The DUI case in a criminal matter. The law treats them as different...