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Was it bad that I took a drug test that more than likely is going to come back positive for meth when dss is involved. 8
My ex told the cops after being called on a demostic where my husband was throwing me to the ground hitting and kicking me, that I was doing meth. The cops then called dss out to the scene where they asked for a drug test. I took one where my husband refused. Did I do the right thing considering that I know that it's going to come back postive? And will the fact that I cooperated look better than as for my husband refusing to take one at all saying all he had was weed in his system. Dss placed the kids with a mutual friend or ours. Neither one of us are supposed to be around the girls or face period time
I dint know what you meant by "face period time". I understand why the cops called DSS- sounds like there was a violent...
ANSON COUNTY, NC Alcohol Assessing Agencies and/or ADETS Education Organizations 2013
Aurora Family Counseling Services107-B East Wade Street Wadesboro, NC 28170 County: AnsonContact: Cyvonne Gaines Phone: 704-695-1472Web/Email ADETS Provider Services Include: Assessments, Short Longer Term Outpatient Daymark Recovery- Anson County704 Lilesville RoadWadesboro,...
Sentencing Hearing in North Carolina - Procedure - LEGAL REFERENCE MATERIALS
15A-1334. The sentencing hearing. (a) Time of Hearing. Unless the defendant waives the hearing, the court must hold a hearing on the sentence. Either the defendant or the State may, upon a showing which the judge determines to be good cause, obtain a continuance of the sentenci...
Can I travel to Mexico with a DUI?
I had a first time DUI conviction Sept. 2016 in NC with the lowest (Level 5) punishment. Would I have any problems travelling to Cancun, Mexico in a few months? I am under unsupervised probation with a driving restriction but I'll be with family.
You shouldn't have any problems. Best of luck!
Can you receive a dui for paxil
I was already out of my car when a trailor hit me. The police let the guy go and btout me to have bloodwork done , they couldd not get me for my precribed narcotic but gave me a dui for the paxil i have been taken forva numbr:of yesrsc. 10 mg
I'm moving your question over the Criminal Defense category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
Will i be facing jail time for a dui wreck?
Ive been charged with a misdemenor child abuse,Driving while impared,Reckless driving to endanger. Had a car wreck in process.Will i be facing jail time? Ive already spent a week in jail.
Based on these facts, you might be in some serious trouble. I would advise reaching out to a criminal defense attorney...
Will north Carolina extradite for a dwi?
went to court for first appearance in concord, n.c. and the judge said that the max penalty was 3 years. was arrested at Wal-Mart parking lot sitting not driving but truck was running.
Perhaps no way to know without asking the prosecting Attorney who has the authority. best to hire a Criminal Defense...