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My Georgia drivers license has been suspended for 3 years on a 2/5 dui. I successfully completed Dui Court program and
All of its requirements.. Do I still have to install interlock device? I previously had no reason to drive. I have a job offer that requires valid DL
You will, unless you can get the sentencing judge to waive that requirement.
Georgia Drivers License Suspension twice for same conviction?
I was notified on the same day that my driving licenses has been suspended once for 6 mths and then for additonal year for the same conviction, I contacted the dds and they told me it was a misfilling with the court, I went to the court and they said i need to contact and lawyer? The offensive I was convicted for was possession of pills not in orginal container, not under the influence, not a dui
This kind of thing happens all too often, unfortunately. Rick Ryczek in Lawrenceville is really good at clearing these...
I got a tickect for failure to maintain lane and and improperly changed plate while on non reporting probation what will happen?
No dui or dwi my regular dl gets reinstated on the ninth of april will that ruin that, I am Moving the 10th to arkansas
This could have an adverse effect on your license status and your probation. You should speak to a lawyer right away...
I am charged with dui/drugs endangerment of a child while dui reckless conduct
are all this charges misdameanors?
Yes, they are all misdemeanors. They are serious charges, however. Particularly if you get convicted of both the DUI...
DUI Jail Sentence in Arizona, but live in Georgia. GA won't allow me to serve.
I was arrested for my first (and only) DUI (.179) in Arizona and sentenced to 30 days in jail, one year with interlock device, and other fines and requirements. I have completed everything but I cannot find a jail here in GA (Atlanta area) that will house me. I will have a warrant in Arizona and they will most likely suspend my license there, which in turn, GA may suspend my GA license as well. The jail commanders I have spoken with said that it is a liability for them and they have no interest in taking it on. My AZ attorney's only suggestion is to fly there and serve the time, which will leave me without a job and most likely homeless! Is there anyway I can request a different sentence from the AZ judge like community service, probation, fines, etc? Are there any other options?
As your sentence is in Arizona, Georgia has no legal right to house you here, and Arizona would not have to recognize...
How long does it take for the dui blood test come back in ga
i had 2 beers
It takes from two weeks to three months. Depending on your own body chemistry and the type of beer you drank, you may...
DUI and DUI child endangerment charges?
I was arrested for DUI and DUI child endangerment. When I go to my court date to answer to the charges, will I be answering to both charges on that day?
You will be answering to both charges on that day. The arraignment is for you to simply enter a guilty Or not guilty...