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Lighthouse Point Crime

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  • Woman cashed counterfeit checks at Broward banks, de...

    Thursday Apr 21 | via South Florida Sun-Sentinel 

    Raddy Mercedes Rodriguez-Ruiz, 52, has surrendered to face charges including grand theft and counterfeiting for cashing fake checks at several banks in Broward Raddy Mercedes Rodriguez-Ruiz, 52, has surrendered to face charges including grand theft and counterfeiting for cashing fake checks at several banks in Broward A Miami woman is facing grand theft and counterfeiting charges after cashing fake checks at several banks around Broward County , investigators said. According to the arrest report filed in the case, Rodriguez-Ruiz went to five different banks over two days and cashed three counterfeit checks totaling nearly $26,000 but was turned away twice.


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  • Man charged with leaving scene of fatal accident, re...

    Mar 19, 2016 | via South Florida Sun-Sentinel 

    Authorities say a man accused in connection with a hit-and-run death parked his car at a Wal-Mart and walked back to the scene of the crash, where he told officers the pedestrian had been hit by another driver. William Desvergers, 27, of Pompano Beach, was arrested Thursday after investigators determined vehicle parts found at the scene of the crash in Lighthouse Point matched the damage to Desvergers' pickup.


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Lighthouse Point Law

Am I able to appeal this or have my driving record adjusted to what actually happened or am I stuck with an untrue record?
On March 31st 2015 I was arrested for a DUI. I was not stopped by police but by a man and his girlfriend who claimed I hit their car. Police arrived on the scene and did a field sobriety test and estimated the damage at $100.00 (it was a small scratch in red, my car was blue). I am an alcoholic and was weening myself off to not have to miss time from work, hours before I'd had a drink and was on some medication for withdraw. I had no money for a lawyer when I went to court so I took the plea thinking it wasn't so bad. Now my driving record has DUI with property damage/Hit and Run! My car was repo'd and I still have to pay$500/mo for insurance. Is there anything I can do now? Also the man attacked me to get me to stop and I had bruises all over my arms and neck. Not having a lawyer will have cost me about $20,000. in punishment. Is it too late to do anything now?
Yes. As to your DUI it is too late. In that regard you made your bed. Sorry. That said you are free to sue for...
Can someone with a DUI ever become a successful paralegal??
Before being arrested for suspicion of DUI I was I was going to go back to school to get my associates degree to be a paralegal. From a lawyers perspective would you take a chance on a potential paralegal working for you if he or she had one DUI? No damage, minors, injuries involved.
Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If a candidate was otherwise qualified, the fact that they had a prior DUI...
Will I most likely get jail time for a high blow on a first DUI?
Going with a public defender or hiring an attorney for first DUI with blowing double the legal limit. No prior criminal history, I was able to keep my job for the mean time but worried about getting jail time which will most likely cause the loss of employment.
Most first time DUIs do not result in jail time. Given a choice with a high BAL, I would suggest going with a private...
Can I still apply for a hardship liscence without a dui citation?
I'm going to the DMV tomorrow to try and get a hardship license within my 10 day period. However I wasnt given a DUI citation. I have my DUI school paperwork and a copy of my police report. Why wouldn't I have been given a DUI citation? My license is still active in the system.
Unclear why you were not given a DUI citation. Perhaps you were and lost it. Have you attempted to seek local counsel...
Will these DUIs affect the renewal of my TN visa even though they're years apart? Need help thankyou
I've been living in the US on a TN visa for almost 9 years. I have a previous DUI from Canada and just got one recently in the US.
Yes they could. TN visa is issued in part as a matter of discretion and while the DUIs would not, without more, make...
Is there any way to remove or suppress the license suspension from my DMV record?
I was arrested for DUI in Florida and the case was dismissed. I also got the arrest removed through the expungement process as well. However, the suspension still shows on my driving record. Is there any way to remove the license suspension from my driving record?
It depends upon why your DL was suspended. Since the case was dismissed, it sounds like your license was suspended for...
How difficult will it be to renew my TN visa with a 9 year old DUI and a 2nd recent one? One in Canada and the 2nd in the US
I have a DUI in Canada from about 9 years ago and recently got one in the US need to know if I'll have difficulty renewing my TN visa.
This question should be categorized in Immigration. You'll get replies from immigration lawyers who are much more...