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At what point is it safe to assume it's not going to show up?
I was convicted of a dui in MD three months ago however there is no record of it on my va license or driving record.
You are dealing with bureaucracies in two different states. I don't think 3 months is long enough to feel confident...
I have recently been charged with shoplifting in virginia. 1st offense, item under 40$ will I see jail time?
I have a dui on my record, the item was 40$, never have shoplifted before, 22 years old and really need a job, already hard to get a job with dui
You should be clear that when a reference to first offense is made, it usually means you have no criminal matters on...
My license was suspended because I went to a dmv select and the clerk typed in the wrong vin incorrectly I was never notified
about this until Itried to renew my this grounds for alawsuit beibg that it was a mistake by them?
Perhaps your post is a bit unclear, consult a lawyer in your area for specific advice-traffic ticket attorney.
Should I be worried and can I still receive a summons for possession of marijuana?
Can i be charged with possesion after the fact? Here is the deal. It was me and 4 people who go to my school and I was parked at a 711. All of a sudden the cops pull up and they pull up to the passenger side window and ask him to roll it down. Long story short they detain the 4 of us. Last guy is still in 711 when the cops pull up. They ask if they can search the car and the passenger says feel free. I have nothing to hide either. They find a bottle in the backseat of the vehicle with some marijuana in it and instantly question the passenger In the back. He gets charged with possesion of marijuana. The officer let the rest of us go and uncuffed us while he got the other guys court date. I was the driver and it was my vehicle but I had no knowledge he had drugs on him and I know now I shouldn't let people in my car. My question is if he blames it on me or Claims it is not his will I be summoned to court? Or will the case be over and done with? Should I hire a lawyer? I really don't want to get busted. The cops let us go and did not issue us anything but they did take down all our info and the guy who had the weed was issued a summon for possesion
The code says specifically that owning the car is not evidence that you possessed the drugs. I never saw police go...
I caught a Dui in April of 2014, I completed asap classes and 5 of the 6 months of the breathalyzer in my vehicle.
I had to salvage my vehicle so I couldn't complete my last month with breathalyzer. So fast forward to February 2015, I went and paid a reinstatement fee to get license back. The dmv did reissue me license. So in July 2016 I got in a domestic dispute and had to call the police, they got my report and then told me that my license was still suspended and took my license. So I call the asap office to find out what's going on. They tell me I had to complete the breathalyzer another 6 months. My question is ain't there something I can do about this, because if the dmv knew my license was still suspended they shouldn't even took my money and gave my license back, and also my car was salvaged I don't think it's fair I have to do the breathalyzer all over again. I think it's all about getting hard working citizens out of their money. What can I do.
The short answer is that I certainly feel your pain, and the DMV should have caught this, yes, but you will have to...
If I got a drunk in public in Virginia, and I had to spend 8 hours in jail, but they never gave me a breath test, can i fight it
I received a drunk in public one night in Hampton, Virginia, while fighting with my wife in the street. I know I smelled like alcohol, but that could have meant I only had one beer, and they refused to give me a breath test and I had to spend 8 hours in jail before being released. My court date is tomorrow, I'm assuming for a lawyer, and I was wondering if I even have a case, or if I just don't show up because I don't have a fighting chance and will be wasting my time, will I get a failure to appear or will they just find me guilty in my absence?
Anytime you face criminal charges you should consider hiring an attorney. Given the facts surrounding your case it...
Why is he still incarcerated since he's completed the required number of days left in his sentence? Because of DUI?
Brother arrested 2/13 DUI (1st time), driving w/o license, va resident w/NC license. Owes DMV fines in VA. Parole Violation warrant issued 10/22 not aware of. In process of completing 25 yr. sentence for distribution in mid Nov. 2015. Had preliminary hearing 2/26/16. Interviewer recommended admin. discharge to Parole Board-stated the Board would probably grant it with my brother having such a short-time left to complete. Brother has not receive any info. has been incarcerated since Feb 13 (53 days).
Your brother should be speaking to his attorney about a bond hearing if he has not had one. If he does not have a...