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Is a BAC 0.036 very bad or the Legal limit?
No, not for a DWI/DUI. .08 is the legal limit. If you are a minor, it may cause issues or if they suspect drugs in...
I had a second fail on my interlock system and got 6 months added to my interlock system the first time. I hired a lawyer. I finish all my asap meeting and AA and treatment classes and I'm being returned to court by my case manager. I had a drink with a friend the night before and the next morning still had alcohol in my system. I waited for about 10 to 11 hours prior before I tried to drive. I full understand the severity of my situation and I just believe I should get some type of credit somewhere?
The best thing for you to do is to quit drinking altogether during this time. You do need a lawyer and he will be in...
I was convicted on May 14, 2012 for DUI. Some lady called the cops on me b/c I was talking too long to drive after the lights turned green. I had taken 2 zanax (which was prescribed to me) at 7am and they blood tested me me around 330pm. i pledge guilty bc my court appointed lawyer said that the court threatened to have a doctor testify that i was 3 times over my limit, which i thought was impossible. Anyways, that Dui was taken care of. i was coming home late 2 nights ago...and got lost. I was getting very tired and sleepy. I took a couple of kolonopin prior. I am also supposed to be on depression meds that can man me pretty loopy if i stop them....well i ran out and havent been on them for maybe 2 weeks? Is there anything i can do to reduce my sentence?
There is. You need to get an attorney and fight your case. Don't make the same mistake twice and plead guilty before...
What will a lawyer need to know so he can help me? I have to start calling around tomorrow.
Your lawyer will want to know everything you can remember about your encounter with the officer. Was anyone else in...
i blew a .19 on a Breathalyzer in virginia and was charged with dwi. can i move to north Carolina before my court date.
Of course you can move, but you still have to deal with the case in Virginia even after you move.
The interlock system picked up a BAC of 0.036 and I wasn't drinking that morning.
As you stated, the interlock system isn't perfect. It may have picked up cold medicine, mouthwash, etc. a good...
I am under contract with ASAP to no longer consume alcohol as a terms stated in my ASAP contract to keep a restricted license. However I had a sociable drink with a friend one night at home at 11:30pm and I stopped approximately 1:00 to 1:30am. Around the Time of 11:18am I tried to start my vehicle causing a ''Failed test'' on my interlock system thinking I had the alcohol out of my system by this Time. I do have interlock in my vehicle and as a term of the ASAP contract to have restricted license. I had a past ''Fail test'' and turned off the vehicle and did not attempt ''Re-test'' the same day back on November, 11th ,2013. This is a new ''Failed test''. I was returned to the court by my ASAP case manager this past Friday afternoon I got the letter. However I did inform my lawyer.
So did you have a question? not sure why you thought a sociable drink would be ok, it isn't. Speak to your lawyer...