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Can I apply for Maryland Second Change Act (Criminal Procedure §§ 10-301 - 10-306) for a PBJ DUI 9 years ago?
9 years ago I received a PBJ for DRIVING VEH. WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE. State's Attorney nolle prosequi for DRIVING VEH. UNDER THE INFLUENCE PER SE and DRIVING, VEH. WHILE IMPAIRED BY ALCOHOL. No property damage, injury or accident. I successfully complete my probation; I don't have so much as a speed ticket after this event. This horrific mistake apparently will forever haunt me online via Maryland Case Search b/c the statute in Maryland regarding expungement (Md. Ann. Code, Crim. Proc. Art. 10-105(a)(3)) expressly excludes drunk driving charges (Md. Ann. Code, Transportation Article 21-902) where a PBJ is received. However, I am uncertain if the 2 nolle prosequi charges would qualify for expungement. Maryland Second Change Act (Criminal Procedure §§ 10-301 - 10-306) does permit 12 specified crimes to be inaccessible by members of the public; crimes include: drug use/possession, destruction of property, prostitution, and various traffic violations. It would appear that the Shield Law does not expressly include DUI/DWI convictions. Could I file a motion with the court to limit access to case records, specifically information found on Maryland Case Search?
No, the DUI offenses cannot be expunged. If one charge is ineligible for expungement, all charges are ineligible for...
How to answer PBJ for dwi on job application.
Back in 2013 I went to court, plead not guilty with a PBJ for a dwi offense. I finished out my probation and that ended in 2014, but my question now is on job applications most will say have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor? Is a pbj a misdemeanor, I know its a deferred judgement, I want to be truthful, but I also don't want to get weeded out through the online applications.
A pbj is not a conviction. And if you plead not guilty, you did not ever plead to the offense.
How can i request house arrest or any other alternative sentencing for my husbands 4th DUI in MD
He has a horrible PD who doesn't even research his cases prior to trial. Went to district court 30 days ago and was offered 9 mo but turned it down and requested jury trial. His PD has asked i appear to help his case this coming Friday in Frederick County, MD. I am hoping i can make a statement to assist him in returning home to our 3 children and a desperately needed job. I am sinking in bills and on the verge of eviction. He is a kind gentle guy who just need help with his addiction. Is there anything i can do to help? (He has been there just shy of 120 days)
Unfortunately, you can't request it. The Public Defender has to request it and then make the argument to the judge...
I had my VA drivers license revoked after a DUI...I have moved to MD and want to reapply for a new license there, can I do that
In Virginia I'd have to pass their alcohol classes and retake the written test and driving test. If I fulfill those requirements in Maryland will I be able to get a license there? It doesn't make sense I'd have to first get my VA license back since I don't live there anymore.
I understand your frustration. However, this is just how the states work together to ensure someone does not jump from...
I got a DUI 2 days ago and I was curious about the process I'm about to go through. Do i need a lawyer?
Im 18 This is my 1st offense
Yes, you need a lawyer. If the breath test was . 08 or above or you refused the test, you face a suspension of your...
Got a DUI(first offense) last month in Frederick County, MD. Can my DUI be lowered to a wet reckless or negligent driving?
Was coming back after meeting a friend over drinks and some lady side swiped me on the highway damaging my vehicle. When police officer came he smelled alcohol on me and booked me for a DUI. She did get at-fault for the accident but i ended up getting a DUI. what would be my best defense here?
You need an attorney to defend the charge. I doubt the State will drop it to a reckless or negligent driving charge....
Got a speeding ticket 2.5 years after a DUI and almost two years after full licensed restored after DUI. Will I lose license?
Since I will have over 12 current points on my license, will the MVA suspend my license? I was going through a small town and did not slow down fast enough and received a ticket for a 59 in a 30. It is only my second speeding ticket in 18 years. Should I just pay the ticket? The court is 2 hours from where I live and I would rather pay the ticket. Will the state of Maryland suspend my license? I suppose if I go to court, I will be close to 2 full years away from the DUI. I received my work restricted license in August 2012, and my full license was reinstated in November 2012.
Don't just pay the ticket. Get a lawyer in the area where you got the ticket and go to court for this. Hopefully he...