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In NY. State does the Statute run out after 24 month, and should I have it adjourned another mo. then motion for dismissal ?
I have been going to Court in the State of New York every month for 23 months over a DUI ticket, with a Court appointed Lawyer that has a very heavy caseload, that has constantly had it adjourned. Last month I refused to plead guilty and take the Prosecutors deal, and said I want to go to trial which was to be this Friday 3/4/16. The Lawyer finally called me this evening saying he was sorry, but if I can come to Court tomorrow at 2 pm. 3/3/16. he can get it dropped to a traffic violation and 90 days restricted Driver License, and just pay a surcharge, which is better then the Pros. deal, It sounds a little fishy to me, and If I remember correctly from something I read about 6 months ago, after 2 years I could get the whole thing dropped.
The statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is 2 years but it was satisfied when you were arrested. There is a 6 month...
What is the difference between a NY DWAI and a FL DUI?
I have one single DWAI (not driving a commercial vehicle) in New York back in 1997. I am moving to Florida later this year and am looking for a CDL job there. The application asks if I have any prior DUI's. I assume it means lifetime. How should I answer this question.
In Florida a DUI is a crime. In NY depending on which statute you were convicted it may not be. That's the difference....
Im on felony probation and got a dwi this weekend...this probably means im going to jail right to do my origonal sentence right?
on felony probation w/ drug and alcohol conditions recived a dwi
if you are found to have violated the terms of your probation, then the court could place in custody....I would...
3rd DWI in 10 years
My inlaw got his 3rd DWI in 10 years in Monticello Sullivan county New York . I'm trying to figure out the best options for him. What is the usual sentence for this offense?
He needs to consult a very experienced criminal defense attorney immediately - and someone who has handled serious DWI...
How long do chemical refusal appeals stay in "stay?" and how long does it normally take for DMV to make a decision on an appeal?
I appealed a Chemical refusal test but did not order a transcript. How long does the process normally take?
Government agencies can take quite a while to determine appeals. Speak to your lawyer for more information.
How can I get a NYS license after my PA license was suspended for DUI's?
I lost my license in PA for DUI's. While it was suspended, I moved to NY. I have completed all the requirements and have received a letter from Penndot stating that my driving privileges have been fully restored. Can I take that letter and a proof of address now to NYS DMV and get a NYS license?
Go to DMV and find out. The worst they can say is NO but I think you can get a license if your privileges in PA have...
I complete 3 months of treatment does the place where completed have to sign off my ds-449? can i go to the dmv to do it myself?
3 months i have completed and graduated a month later i go to get my ds-449 and they want a drug test which wasnt bad because i rescheduled for a later date but since i graduated and have completed paperwork couldnt i just get some one else to sign off on it
If you don't get the answer you are looking for off of the AVVO attorney's. Use the search function and find a local...