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Should I expect anything to happen?
I fell asleep in my truck and got woken up by a fireman. He said he smelled alcohol and my keys were in the ignition/truck was in drive so he called the police. My truck was dead because I fell asleep with my heater on. I had taken both of my anxiety medication and felt too tired to drive, so I pulled over. When the cops showed up I was sitting on my tailgate and he started questioning me. He was going to give me a field sobriety test until another cop showed up, I explained to him about my prescribed anxiety medicine and why I fell asleep. He asked if I have ever had a dui, which I haven't, ran my name, and then decided to let me call for a ride because my truck was dead. My fiancée didn't answer, so he took me home. (6 blocks away). Should I expect anything from this? even if I had drank the night before, they never ran any tests, and never charged me with anything, plus they left my truck where it was at and said pick it up whenever I wanted. I suffer from severe severe anxiety, PTSD, plus my dad just passed away which makes it worse, and I can't stop stressing out about this. I work so much and pay all of the bills and can't afford to lose my job by going to court/jail. Thanks.
While it is possible that the police officer may file a report and forward it to the prosecutors office to review for...
What can my I argue as a defense in DUI involving Ambien?
About a few weeks ago, I took one Ambien pill to fall asleep while house sitting for my sister who was out of town. Next thing I know an officer gives me a roadside sobriety test and arrested me. He didn't rad me my Miranda rights from what I can recall, got my blood vials now. This is my first DUI offense, legally prescribed Ambien, no alcohol that night. What defenses could I use? Could it be possibly plea bargained down or should it go trial?
Speak with a local attorney. Impairment is not only caused by alcohol. Driving under the influence of Ambien can...
How do i get a copy of the narrative police/investigative report and blood/breath alcohol content (BAC)?
I was convicted of a minor DUI in 2012 and I need to have as many records on file as I can obtain.
Either by contacting your attorney who represented you in the original case or through public disclosure to the police...
March of 2016 will be my final month for the interlock
Contact the company which installed your Ignition Interlock Device (IID). You can have the (IID) removed after the WA...
How much can a Judge order for restitution in a DUI?
I was hit by a drunk driver who plead guilty. The restitution hearing is coming up and the defendant says he shouldn't pay restitution because he has insurance. The policy limit is only 2/3 of my current expenses and I need additional surgeries. Is it likely the judge would order the medical and lost wage expenses be paid? The prosecutor is not very experienced unfortunately.
There is a limit when you are asking for restitution due to the criminal charge of DUI. I have never heard of a Judge...
Can I get my breathalyzer removed without the 4 month compliance in washington state because of possible malfunction.
I plead guilty to an APC in North Dakota while I had a Washington state license in 2013. Washington requires a certain amount of time with the device including the final 4 month compliance before getting an unrestricted license back. I have fulfilled all the time except for the 4 month compliance. The past two weeks or so the machine has been giving me alcohol readings when I have not ingested or used any type of alcohol products whatsoever, being very careful due to my previous fail with mouthwash. June 28, 2015 I tested and alcohol showed again without ingesting or using alcohol products and when it retested on my way to work I failed and it locked me out of my car. When I finally got a hold of the company they said it could pick up alcohol from anywhere in the vehicle. Can I fight it?
This is very common. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard similar complaints about a malfunctioning breath...
Deferred prosecution For dui?
I was arrested for a dui early morning last week. I failed to stop after leaving a BBQ and officer pulled me over. I had been drinking earlier in the night. I didn't blow but I did fail any field test. I had to give a blood draw before I was booked due to a warrant . This sadly will be consider my 3rd, my first 10 years ago which was dropped to a neg driving and my 2nd 4 years ago dropped to a reckless. As it looks like I have a problem with this however I honestly rarely drink anymore. I do not want to do or can't do any jail time. I am a small business owner / single mom. Is deferment a option I should strongly consider? The officers said they noted how corporative I was and to be honest I think they felt bad. Either way this is a nightmare- I will not be drinking for a while or ever
I answered this already. A deferred prosecution is a possibility but you should have an attorney review the states...