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    Thursday Nov 12 | via AmmoLand 

    IWI US, Inc. , a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries Ltd., invites all firearms enthusiasts, first time shooters or just the curious to try the bullpup awarded the 2014 American Rifleman's Golden Bullseye Rifle of the Year, or any of the other exceptionally designed and produced Israeli firearms, at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival . IWI US is participating in the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival Nov. 14 - 15, 2015 at the Best of the West Shooting Range in Liberty Hill, Texas.


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Can a DWI arrest be turned into a DUI case?
I got arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and unfortunately consented to a blood test. The arrest was made because the officer thought I had been drinking but that is not the case. I am pretty sure they will find no alcohol in my blood sample. However, I think my impairment was the result of a prescription drug I took for anxiety. I had not taken it in a while so the effects were more pronounced than usual. I think that the blood test may reveal that I took the pill earlier in the day (5 hours prior to the arrest). Can the DWI arrest be turned into a DUI case? I ask because the arrest paperwork I got focuses only on blood alcohol content rather than something more generic such as DWI and/or DUI. I did not mention or disclose at any moment I had taken the anxiety medication.
There are no DUIs in Texas. DWIs encompass all intoxicatingly elements beyond alcohol such as prescription drugs and...
Why did they give me a temporary driving permit after my DWI arrest but before the blood results are back?
I got a DWI in San Jacinto county. This happened 18 hours after I drank at a wedding party. I was driving home the day after the party and was very tired. My car swerved because I was falling asleep and I pulled over to the shoulder to rest. I got off the car to stretch and a few seconds later a police car pulled over. They claimed to have seen my car swerve. They did a field sobriety test which they did not complete because they claimed I failed a step. I was taken to a hospital where blood was drawn. There was no breathalyzer test. After I got out of jail they returned my license and also gave me a temporary one with a box checked that says: provided a specimen of blood with a concentration higher of .08. I didn't receive or see any results at the hospital. Do the results come that fast?
You need to hire an attorney right away. Regarding the field sobriety test, they will always claim you "failed a step"....
Dwi for precription drugs in travis county
My husband was arrested for dwi while he was on prescription drugs xanax and hydrocodone 2 months ago. Blood was send to lab but the results arent out yet. I had 2 questions when does the result of a blood test come out typically in travis county and does the blood test show the amount of drugs or only the presence of class of drugs,are these test really conclusive about when was the drug last taken and how much. I want to know specifically for travis county as I know each county is diffirent. I would appreciate a response. Thank you
The DPS lab does the testing, and it can take 6+ months for the drug screen results. The lab results should show the...
I have a pending DUI and had two DUI priors dismissed so this will be my first DUI conviction.
I am being told the DA is holding my dismissals against me. How is a dismissal being held against me? Even with a criminal history, none of which are alcohol related and now I am being told they want me to do a lot of jail time. How is this right on a first conviction DUI
Pretty much they are thinking that you just got lucky and got away with the cases which were dismissed. It's a bunch...
Texas dwi laws
My husband got 2 nd dwi charge before he was convicted for first. This was 11 years ago and both were convicted together on same day with no contest plea. He was arrested for a new charge this year for third DWI . Can this be considered as his third or second in texas laws. Does his previous convictions looked at 2 offenses although the first was pending?
If your husband was charged with DWI,and while that case was pending,he picked up a second DWI, and if he plead both...
If you are going on trail for a dwi charge and less than a year ago you had a dwi dismissed by deferred proscution can the
Prosecutor present the information that you have been arrested before for a dwi at trail?
It shouldn't but crazy things happen in trial. And appeals are expensive. Talk about to your lawyer about it.
Probation for dwi third
my husband has been charged DWI third on prescription drugs only. Is probation possible for him based on his mental health issues. He already had probation in the past and had another felony conviction for possession of firearm for which he served jail time. He was released on parole and now got dwi for medications, he has a parole hold. Would he be eligible for probation
Yes he is eligible but you he will have jail time as a condition. The problem comes with parole. He will stay in jail...