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  • Austin bar Cover 2 sued over deadly crash

    Monday Jun 15 | via KXAN-TV Austin 

    The family involved in a deadly car crash in which two young siblings were killed in late April is suing a North Austin bar that allegedly served the suspected drunk driver that caused the collision, according to a lawsuit filed last week. The lawsuit alleges sports bar Cover 2 was negligent when it allowed John Alvarado-the suspected drunk driver in the accident-to consume alcohol until he was intoxicated and let Alvarado leave while intoxicated, among other claims, according to the lawsuit.


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First DWI/DUI in Texas and require SR22 for 2 years ...Moving to Pennsylvania and doesn't require SR22 ?! What should i do ?
FYI ONLY 8 states don't require a SR-22 (Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina) after a DWI/DUI.
I think you ought to make sure your Texas license is in good stead before applying for a PA license. So get the SR-22...
How do you compare the performance of a rookie young cop versus experienced cop in a DWI court proceedings?
Just curious to know who would be more tough to beat, whose report will be more solid etc. based on your experience.
I am not licensed to practice law in Texas, and have no experience in a Texas court, but people are people no matter...
I was arrested for a first DWI 2 weeks ago and all charges were dropped upon release. Can I face charges still?
I spent about 18 hours in jail and upon my release the woman who was checking me out said the judge used some type of judges card to have me released and all charges dropped. I asked about what a judges card was but didn't really get a clear answer and she also said that something in the officers police report made absolutely no sense and she didn't even understand nor ever seen somthing like the officer wrote down but she wouldn't explain what it was. I signed out with my belongings and asked if I could have a copy of any paperwork showing my charges were dropped and she said there is no paperwork to show since my charges were dropped. Has anyone heard of anything like this and what could possibly come about in the future?
Yes, although the prosecutor for whatever reason didn't file charges while you were still in jail, they can still file...
Driving w/interlock device &suspended license
I have been driving with an interlock device that takes pictures while testing. My license has been suspended but I am still driving. Can this device be used to get me in trouble?
I think it makes great proof if needed. Get a lawyer to help you get a license. If you get caught, it will cost you more.
DWI last year In TX with International student? and all my sentence..!
MY question is : what i should to show to approve i finished my sentence? Ex: paper work ..any paper from court needed ?!?
Who do you want to prove it to? What is it that that person/entity wants? Some sentences are self proving - you are...
IN TEXAS - How difficult is it to get a dismissed DWI case expunged?
I recently had my DWI case dismissed pre trial and my lawyer told me I can get it expunged immediately. The cost he quoted me is undoubtedly VERY high, however I am wondering what the normal cost for expunging a case like this would usually be. Is handling this myself even an option? Any referrals on reliable lawyers out there with reasonable rates if not? Thanks for the help!
IF you completed a pre-trial diversion, you can get it expunged immediately. Otherwise you have to wait. Process is...
How many times can officer ask you to take a breath test?
After taking the breath test 4 times I refused the 5th. Now they have said I refused the test. What happens now? Will I face the maximum penalty?
They make one one request where you either agree to give a sample or you refuse to give a sample. However, during the...