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What will get for having a emply alcohol bottle and a drug grinder?
My son is 18 he got pulled over and had a empty alcohol bottle and a marajuana grinder on him. What will most likely happen to him?
No point in guessing. Hel him pay for a criminal defense attorney,
I got a dui 3rd in Maryland ,December 2013, I did 90 days rehab, and about 115 aa meetings
was found guilty , 60 days with ,50 suspended and 18 months supervised probation.my lawyer immediately filed a motion to modify sentence to be held sub curia , which the judge granted. 2 weeks later va. my home state, suspended ,my licence for 3 years.it was my understanding that Virginia could not do anything because the case is not closed yet, and in complete control of the Maryland judge because of the sub curia ruling. if I get a lawyer and petition Virginia dmv ,can I get my licence back ?if not when and if the guilty verdict is changed can I get it back.? thanks
Felony or not does not matter to dmv. They count convictions. Three dui firsts would be a three year suspension. Dmv...
My son got charged for the first time in his life with DUI. Charges dropped vs Convicted for a lessen charge.
Is it a better deal to get a lessen charge or charges dropped with a plea bargain? I am just asking because if he gets a plea bargain that DUI charge and arrest will remain on his record forever, but if he gets disorderly conduct he will be convicted but will not look bad as a DUI. I just need any suggestions.
It is better to have the charges dropped. However, that's not the way the system works. You don't get to just pick your...
On a field sobriety test in Virginia, does it matter if the test was given on an uneven surface?
I was charged with a dui when officers stopped while my motorcycle was being pulled out by a truck. I was steering but the engine was off. I was then directed to perform the field test on the road next to his car. The road was sloped downhill. I blew a .10 at the station
It matters for a motion to quash arrest which would have taken place before the test at the station.
Is "arrested" in the signature line on a Virginia Uniform Summons valid?
I was recently charged with section 18.2-266 of the code of Virginia. My B.A.C. was .10. In the signature line under "I promise to appear at the time and place shown above. Signing this summons is not an admission of guilt. I certify that my current mailing address is as shown above." I have received summons before and always signed every single one.
Yes. Since you were arrested, you would have been released by the Magistrate by signing a bond/bail release form,...
Will I still be harassed by cps even after all charges were dismissed against me and my 10 month old girl was returned home?
Cps was called on us by a drug task force officer whom said he had an informant in my home that seen us using drugs and neglected our baby girl. We were ordered to take drug screens and then started all programs and classes we had to do according to cps. My fiance had court and was put in jail for 4 mos and while I was there at courthouse I was made to take my 4th drug screen at the lab across the street, in the meanwhile cps woman had taken my daughter out of my aunt's home who is a really clean and respected woman in this county. Cps did not speak to mo family members to place my daughter with if needed to be taken. Instead I had to go out of this county and hire a lawyer that was expensive for help to get her back. The only evidence was drug screens which were not aloud or usable in court which my lawyer proved and judge dismissed all charges and my case. But cps woman is still sending officers to pull over anyone leaving my home that helps me with a ride to appts or store. I get harrassed myself by her and she has called me today and I just haven't had time to call back. She frightens me to death. Can they still keep doing this and police keep asking me to work for them too?
No, the government (police) cannot legally continue to contact you or ask you to work for them. I strongly suggest you...
Can I get a restricted license after a felony DWI?
In 2014 I was involved in a DWI. Another car crossed over the center line, I swerved to avoid it, and injured a pedestrian. There was alcohol in my system. This was my first offense - both traffic and criminal. My lawyer had me plead guilty. I lost my license for 4 years, have been on probabtion for two (with zero issues), paid off all court fines as well as a substantial restitution to the victim. The accident occurred in NC but by the court date I had moved to VA. I have no family in the area and no close friends in town. My boyfriend, the reason I moved to VA, is slated to deploy in the next year. Is there a way I can petition for a restricted or hardship license so that I can maintain the house, go to doctor's appointments, care for my animals, etc. while he is out of the country? Better yet, is there any way I could potentially get an actual license back before the originally assigned 4 years is over?
You are going to be in quite a dilemma here. First, you have to go to NC to to get your license reinstated. Then you...