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Under the FOIA, does the tape of someone who followed me from a restaurant and falsely reported me drunk have to be given to me?
I was stopped and found not drunk or even questionably drunk. A stranger followed me, I am a 62 year old female and frightened. Do I not have the right to know her name? I feel slandered and scared of this unknown woman that chose to do this.
FOIA allows access to records maintained by the government. The restaurant does fall into that category, but the if...
Will the prosecution find my old DUI from another state?
I just got a DUI in and am nervous that the prosecutors will find my first DUI six years ago in another state under my maiden name. How likely is it will they find it and will it definitely be charged as my second offense?
It is pretty likely that the authorities will find it and charge you with DUI 2nd.
I did an online criminal background check and couldn't find my previous DUI, could it be expunged?
It's from 6 years ago. When I did a background check no results came up and it said the charges may have been expunged. How do I go about checking if they were? And if expunged, can that still be used to charge me with a second DUI offense?
Traffic offenses, including DUI, cannot be expunged in South Carolina. If you were not convicted - if it was dismissed,...
What should I do ? I feel I'm getting screwed!
I was arrested for dus 1st n the cop took me to jail and after a few hours while waiting in booking to go to bond court the same cop came back n said I was being bond out on the fourth I went in front of bond judge he gave me the third than when I went to court the court didn't have paperwork right so they gave me another date to come back now I have a paper from court saying I'm being charged with the fourth any advice
Charged with the third and forth of what? Driving on a suspended license? Is this your first charge of driving on a...
I'm 17 and got arrested for a DUI. This is my first offense, I spent the night in jail and got out on a PR bond.
What should I expect on my court date ?
You need to hire an attorney or request the services of the public defender. A DUI can have negative impact on your...
Will my probation officer violate me?
I am on probation in Nashville, TN for a second offense D.U.I. My license is suspended for another year. 2 months ago I was pulled over for speeding in S.C. I have been to court and received my fines. I have yet to notify my probation officer. I was also cited in Northern California for "driving with an open container" but the standard D.U.I. tests and breathylizer showed I was not drunk. I also was not "driving" per say. The car was parked, the passenger was inebriated. The keys were in the ignition and the car was running. I was in the driver's seat. I have not reported this either. The passenger's lawyer is dealing with this case now so it has not been official yet. What are the chances my probation officer will violate my probation when I tell him about these issues today? Thank you!
It sounds highly probable because your probation violations are all associated with alcohol, cars and moving violations...
I have been charged with dui (less than .10) and child endangerment. Will I go to jail and should I get a lawyer?
I was placed on Xanex through my internal medicine doctor for ongoing anxiety and depression. The medicine obviously had a bad reaction in my system because I do not remember what I was doing after taking it. I apparently drove my car with my four yr old daughter with me and got into a car accident. I called 911 and because of that my daughter was placed with DSS and I was sent to jail charged with DUI and child endangerment. What, if anything, can I do to stay out of jail, but also get cleared of these charges? I was not drinking alcohol, doing illigeal drugs, anything of that matter. Do I have a case to defend? If so, what should the next step I take?
Thank you for contacting the law office of Stephanie M. Burton, LLC. It is imperative that you contact a lawyer to...