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my first dui dec 2009 I got a 2nd. May 18,2014. I refused the test.I have to work for family to supports them and pay bills.. how to avoid jail time. I stayed in jail 4 days and bailed out at $500 after my bail was reduced 10%..... What can I do, I can stay weekend anything to avoid losing my job and family.
Ask the court for electronic monitoring or a sober living house but talk to your public defender or attorney first.
Had a felony dui in florida for 3rd or subsequent offense. I am eligable for a work permit in florida in September of 2014. Will I be able to get a work permit or hardship license in kentucky with proof that I am eligable to recieve a work permit in florida
I assume you are eligible for a valid "work permit" drivers license issued by the state of Florida. I assume you do...
My husband moved from fl to ky and got a dui before he changed his license. He has completed all of ky requirements, but fl has a hold on his license. Fl is requiring an ignition interlock device for a year before they will reinstate. They said it's a 2nd offense. In ky he was charged with 1st offense as the prior was in 2005. The Dui was in May 2013. He's been without a license for almost a year already. He just found out about the device. Prior calls said he just needed to supply proof of dui classes and $12. Now, they want device installed & 240.00.
If you can't get this straightened out with the DOT/DMV with FL and KY, I would recommend you contact an attorney to...
I was pulled over about 3 months ago and was charged with an aggravated dui in the state of Kentucky. 4 days ago I was pulled over again and refused Breathalyzer after passing the field tests. I also refused the test at the jail(stupid I know but I was scared and didn't know what to do) I was charged again with a dui. Both are in separate counties. I have not been convicted of either. When going to court for the second one and pleading not guilty I learned I was charged with another first offense dui. So I am guessing they do not know about my other pending charge. So again, can I get away with (two) first offenses? I am a full time college student and work 30+ hours a week. I am terrified jail time will ruin my academic life. not so much worried about losing my license,.
With 2 DWIs in such a short period of time, being a full time student, and working full time, you need to contact a DUI...
I was arrested for DUI while I was sleeping in my car because of the Wells decision it was finally reduced to PI. It to 2 years and $4200 to finally get it resolved mostly because the prosecutor was never ready. 4 times he failed to have the police officers there 2 times he failed to read the letter he admitted he got from my attorney explaining the Wells appeals court decision . I feel he should have had the obligation to be prepared if he is charging me with something
Your feelings mean nothing within the realm of the criminal justice system. The prosecutor cannot and will not be held...
I got my first DUI in Jan of 09 (Jefferson Co) then a second DUI in May of 10 (Hardin Co). I also have an alcohol intoxication in Aug of 2011 (Campbell Co). Do I have to wait 5 years from my last charge for expungement or can I file for each charge to be expunged after 5 years?
Unfortunately, a DUI is a what is known as a prior-able offense and as such cannot be expunged. Main reason is that the...
I recently received notice on May 24th 2013 that my CCDWP was being suspended for having 2 DUI's within a 3 year period. I already had my CCDWP when I received my second DUI in September of 2012. The suspension notice says my suspension is until January 2014. The notice said I have (2) business days to surrender my CCDWP to the sherrif of my county. I did not surrender my CCDWP until recently which was roughly 30 days after receiving the suspension notice. When surrendering my CCDWP the sherrif secretary asked for the suspension letter which I did not have. She said there would be a warrent out for me if I didn't surrender within the stated time in suspension letter. She told me to come back to the sherrif's office with the suspension letter next week. Will I be arrested for not surrendering my CCDWP within (2) business days even if I surrender within 30 days?
Contact an attorney immediately to discuss. They will be in the best position to assist you. I would not suggest...