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My name is quentin nash i'm not a hv i don't have 3 dui.
i don' t have 3 dui my lic been gone 9 and a half years know.
I am not sure exactly what your question is, but my guess is that you are wondering when you can get your license again....
Do I need to wait out NC's 1 year DWI suspension to get my license back? or do I only have to complete GA's 120 day suspension?
Georgia resident with a DWI conviction in NC. NC DWI conviction requires a mandatory 1 year suspension. However, I have a GA license and I think I would qualify for GA's 120 day reinstatement provided I complete the necessary requirements for reinstatement.
I've always said that it doesn't hurt to try.
How long can you be made to wait to go to court for a DUI?
For a misdemeanor criminal charge of DUI In Georgia. From the date of arrest until the court date for trial, is there a time limit of any type. When exactly does prosecution start? From arrest or arraignment? More specifically it took 2yrs and 2 months to go to court for a DUI and the disposition and date on file is not the actual date that I went to court but says 6 months earlier.
Your question will be dictated by Georgia law. If this were in Florida, I could tell you that a misdemeanor DUI was a...
Can you have 3 DUI charges on 1 arrest?
A friend of mine was arrested on a DUI charge. But his charges show 3 DUI charges so his bail is triple the amount. Is this possible? Is there anything we can do to get the bail reduced? BTW This is in Gwinnett County.
Is this a situation where your friend had several children in the car? Or is he just being charged with DUI in 3...
Will I go to jail? Should I postpone the date? How likely is it to get out of jail in this situation?
I got a DUI and a Hit and Run two and a half years ago. I have only had one run in with law since at that was a 14mph over speeding ticket last year. I just got a letter in the mail to go to court. I have already completed DUI class and the clinical evaluation with the recommended treatment for this case. I am 35 weeks pregnant and I go before the judge in two and a half weeks. My lawyer keeps telling me the judge won't put me in jail but he was a cheap lawyer and I want to double check because I would be looking at, I believe, 13 days in jail. 3 days for a second DUI and 10 for a Hit and Run. I would definitely have the baby in jail if that is the case plus I would be missing weekly Dr appointments. Lastly, I want to go to court on this date so that I can be seen pregnant and I am hoping that will give me less of a chance of jail so that I am not taken away from my baby at all. Does it seem likely or unlikely that she would put me in jail on that date?
Unfortunately if you have an attorney you need to ask your attorney these questions. We can't interfere with your...
Does anyone have recent experience with Geico and DUI's?
I was recently charged with DUI, and it also included damage to my own car and nothing else. If I have full coverage and no claims for years, will my insurance still cover this? I do plan on working to prevent a conviction to that charge, hopefully a lesser.
A DUI involving a wreck means that your insurance may "hang you out to dry." You need to contact individual attorneys...
Am i getting a DUI?
I got into a single car accident a couple days ago. Police asked if i had any alcohol. I told them i had a couple before dinner. Never tested me or arrested me. I was sent to the hospital due to an abnormally high heart rate. No police were there. No blood test was taken. Am i getting a dui?
On what basis would you think you were being charged with DUI? There is no driving, no physical tests, no breath test...