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My name is quentin nash i'm not a hv i don't have 3 dui.
i don' t have 3 dui my lic been gone 9 and a half years know.
I am not sure exactly what your question is, but my guess is that you are wondering when you can get your license again....
How long is the statute of limitations for a DUI in Georgia?
I was arrested with DUI less safe 26mos ago. I have not received a letter of accusation from Fulton co. yet. It has been over 2 years since my arrest. I do have a lawyer & have heard nothing on that end as well.
Contact your lawyer with your inquiry.
Was arrested for DUI but license is still valid. Can I drive until Court date?
I was arrested for DUI and arrested for 13 hours before bonded out. I was never given back my license nor a form stating it had been suspended or retained. I went to the DDS to get some type of identification and was told my license was still valid so I was issued a replacement. The only thing I was told was to "keep an eye out" for the status of the license. Am I safe to drive?
No. You need to file an appeal with OSAH within 10 days of the arrest or face a 12 month hard suspension.
Can you get a pouring permit in the city of Alpharetta with one dui charge?
I was charged with a dui and just recieved a job serving in Alpharetta. I know the laws are a lot stricter on receiving your pouring permit and I can't find any information online that says what can deny you from getting one. I have no other charges and was wondering if the dui will not allow me to get a pouring permit.
I did a very quick search and it looks like you will not have an issue with a DUI. However, I would recommend that you...
How do I take a DUI course in Georgia for an offense that happened in North Carolina?
I was convicted of a first time DUI in NC. I moved to GA before I completed the adets course. Am I able to do an assessment and take a course here in Georgia that will be acceptable in NC so I can get a Georgia license? Thanks for helping!!!
That would be determined by North Carolina law and regulations. You would need to contact the DMV in North Carolina to...
What can I do to get my license in Georiga?
I got a DUI in California about 3 years ago, I did not complete my DUI 1st offenders program due to financial issues and I now live in Atlanta, GA. California DMV has a block on my license for non completion of the program and would like to know what my best option is to obtain my license here in Georgia. I have looked into the 1650 Waiver but it is very difficult to get through the DMV mandatory actions line, can I ask a California judge for a transfer and might be able to take a program here in GA?
You can try and transfer the probation to Georgia. But would be far more likely to be successful if you retained an...
Can I pay a fine for a suspended license and a reinstatement fee anywhere in Georgia? my license is suspended in Georgia...
My license was suspended in Peach County, GA in 2000. Since then, I have been homeless. I am getting back on my feet, and would like to reinstate my license, but I cannot get to Peach County to pay it...
The reinstatement fee is paid to DDS, which is a statewide organization. However, you likely have a fine due to Peach...