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  • Police: Man arrested following assault

    Thursday Jun 29 | via Lewistown Sentinel 

    A Lewistown man is in jail following an assault involving bolt cutters, a baseball bat, and a chair that left multiple members of the family injured. According to court documents, Barry Salvado Rodriguez, 43, Lewistown, and his wife, Leann, were arguing at 10 Vogts Lane, on June 28. According to the documents, police were dispatched to the home for a report of a male subject smashing a vehicle and also cutting open a fence to a pig pen.


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  • Arrest made in sexual assault case

    Wednesday Jun 28 | via Lewistown Sentinel 

    A Three Springs man is in jail following an investigation of aggravated indecent sexual assault with a juvenile under the age of 16. According to court documents, Max Edison Brooks, 27, was arrested June 23 after the father of a pregnant14-year-old girl who claimed the father of the baby was much older than her. The father initially contacted police on Sept.


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Lewistown Law

What is the result of 2 misdeamor, dui one day and n follow day another hangover at work w/ patient, not harm was done ,1 offens
I have never been in trouble before, not even a traffic ticket. what do you think the result w/ be,
It's unclear exactly what happened here. Did you get a DUI that night and another the next morning or did something...
How can they prove that he was dui if the THC and Carboxy found in his blood was from eating it "after" he was pulled over?
My son got pulled over for a broken license plate light. He then proceeded to eat the weed he had on him. He was taken into custody and then to the hospital hat was 10 minutes away for a blood test, but the cop kept missing exits and didn't get him there until 45+ minutes later giving the pot plenty of time to get in his system. My son was charged with dui and tampering with evidence.
That is the classic defense: he driver became impaired after he drive. The police must prove that he drove while...
Does anyone know of any lawyers in the Harrisburg PA area that take payment plans for DUI defense
Looking for a lawyer in area who can take a down payment and payment plans for defense attorney in DUI case.
You will have to use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" icon and just search for experienced DUI attorneys in Harrisburg. Then...
Can you be convicted of DUI if you were arrested 2 hours after you drank not in car and no keys in your possession?
I drove to a program got a flat tire near program drove on flat to the building and door airbags deployed. When i arrived at program I drank vodka in the parking lot because i was all stressed because of the damage to my car. Almost two hours after I arrived police were called for a different incident but i was not in vehicle when they arrived and did not have possession of the keys and car was undrivable and I was arrested inside building for a DUI. I was intoxicated but did not drink any alcohol prior to driving. Nobody witnessed me driving vehicle intoxicated. Blood alcohol was not taken for 2 1/2 hours after I drove vehicle and i was drinking alcohol during that time.
Can you be convicted? Yes. Will you be convicted? i dont know but it sounds like you have some very promising...
Am I stuck with a DUi or should I go back to herion
on I I Have Been Changed With A Dui. On My Way Home From The Methadone Clinic I Was Pulled Over Talking On The Phone And A Pa State Trooper Pulled Up And Wasted No Time insisting im on weed but I haven't smoked in years so after blood test ...1 month I get charged...another my pelim wow so I get to meet my lawyer so while I try to so don't wave this hearing he yelled at me its his way or hwy and he knows best but our talk was more like me saying one thing him and DA listening in whole time putting his two sense in whole time and the cop who lied on affidavit didn't even show up and the blood test wasn't taken right either
I'm not sure that those are the only options. I've never thought of heroin as being a remedy or fall back if stuck with...
I have my first meeting with my probation officer in 8 days and I want to know if I am going to have a urine test?
I am on probation for a first offense DUI for marijuana. I have smoked in the past 30 days because my court date is not until September 9th so I thought that was when my probation began. I am wondering if I will be given a urine test,and also if I have been considered to be on probation for the past 30 days, or does my probation start when I meet my probation officer? I am scared I am going to lose my eligibility to get the DUI expunged.
It sounds as if you may be on ARD, though you have not said that. Each county in PA does it differently and some do...
I have three DUIs in PA. But the courts combined them so it's like I have 2. How long do people typically lose their licenses?
3 DUIs within a few weeks time period. All are considered 1st offenses. I've lost my license for 7 years. Does that seem correct? I feel I shouldn't have lost my license for that long.
This is a DUI mathematics question. Assuming you refused to give a BAC sample each time, you would face a 1 year...