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Am I liable if i knowing allow a person on probation for DUI in Michigan to tend bar or drink in my private non-profit club?
volunteer bartender recently received 2 years probation, no alcohol consumption, and is barred from entering any place that serves alcohol. I told the bar manager that we cannot allow him to be a volunteer bartender. She says its "none of our business and we have no liability
This is a good question, Legally I would consult with a MI attorney, maybe potential liquor license issues? serving in...
How intoxicated is to intoxicated
If a person has a sexual relationship with someone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics how impaired would a person have to be and what elements would have to be proved for a csc charge
The answer isn't cut and dry, but fact specific. If the person has ingested enough alcohol or narcotics to be mentally...
How can i get into Canada with a DUI on my record?
My best friend is getting married and has asked me to be her matron of honor. Unfortunately i have a dui from 6 years ago and my husband has one from 3 years ago. I really want to be there for her in person. Her wedding in next August.
From what I have read, it may be impossible, especially for your husband. DUi is considered like a felony in Canada,...
Will I get a dui in the mail?
I was pulled over for dd. Not given breathalyzer or had blood taken. I was put into a cab and sent home. This happened in Chesterfield michigan,but it won't let me put that in as a location.
I have no advice yet, but to engage an attorney. It seems very out of the ordinary.
Do you have relationships and familiarity in the Rochester Court and representing clients with a DUI charge?
I am hoping to file a motion for early dismissal of probation with Judge Nicholson in the Rochester Court. I am seeking a lawyer with experience in this court and who represents similar charges. I am not using the attorney who represented me at sentencing for this motion.
Solicitations are not allowed on this site. You can use google for the find a lawyer tab at the top of this page.
I have 3 duis and dwls and history of relapse. How likely am I to have my license reinstated with 5 years sobriety?
My last DUI was plead down to a misdemeanor. I go to aa and have a sponsor and go to substance abuse counseling. I have two prior periods of sobriety. One period of Sobriety was over 5 years and the other about 3 years.
If you can prove 5 years of complete sobriety with no relapses, that will definitely help. The AHS is SUPER strict on...
I was given a ouil but i only blew a .07? It was the morning after at 830am. Is that legal?
I was given a ouil (operating under the influence of drugs/liquor) but i only blew a .07? It was the morning after at 830am. Is that legal? Plus they have nothing saying I was in any meds. Yesterday morning in Michigan. Im facing a dui in PA currently as well. I'm not convicted on either. I'm thinking the one in Michigan should get dropped right??? .08 is the legal limit and I blew a .07 and they didn't take a blood test just breath.
You clearly are not guilty of per se OUIL, which requires a reading of .08 or higher. However, a person might be...