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What should i do about my plea for Voiding human excretion,and Purch Etc Alcoh Bev By A Minor.?
I am a college student with an clean record, who had gone on once, and on a athletic team and and I was charged with two citations. But, the one situations I will take and the other one was incorrect. I don't have much money, and need major help.
Based upon what you have written here, it is highly likely that this situation is fixable. I would note that in order...
Will a suspended nursing license for substance abuse prevent me from obtaining a CDL license?
Suspended nursing license related to substance abuse. This is what is stated behind my name on the Nursing boards website, public information. And I️t states that I️t is related to substance abuse. Would this prevent me from obtaining a CDL license. I have a clean criminal record. No DUIs, nothing pending. Need to find another way to make a living
No way to tell. I suggest you go to the DMV and ask for info about DCLs and read them. Or consult with a local lawyer...
Can I️ obtain my CDL license if I️ have a Nursing license that is suspended by the board for substance abuse addiction
I️ lost my nursing license because I️ was unable to comply with their substance abuse treatment requirements. I️ have no criminal record at all. No DUI charges or any other pending charges. Criminal record is clean But the suspension of the Nursing license does state that I️t is related to addiction.
This is a repeat post. Consult with a local criminal defense attorney since they will have far more knowledge about...
My daughter was just sent here today from Towson, Md. on a parole violation from York Pa. What is going to happen to her now?
My daughter got arrested and sent to state prison, 4 years later, after her 2nd dui. She got released 2 years ago, however, she got stopped in Md. on Nov. 6th for a driving violation. She has since been in Baltimore County prison. They transported her today to Columbia. What is going to happen to her?
Asker, your daughter is facing jail. Hire the best attorney you can afford.
Lost my summons to appear in court Monday 11/6/17. Where can I go online to find out where to go and what court room ?
Its a forfeiture hearing for money that was taken by police during a DUI arrest. I was arrested in York Pa.
ujsportal.com and then go to the drop down lists at the top. You will need to go to the “Court of Common Pleas”
What does it mean when you are scheduled for a Ard court hearing. after being rejected
Was rejected for Ard for a drug charge but then received a court date for Ard hearing what dose that mean
You will have a hearing, based upon the preponderance of the evidence standard, if in fact you violated the terms of...
Possible to have DUI charge dropped?
I was asleep in my running car and found with drug paraphernalia and charged with DUI. Can I plead not guilty since I wasn't driving at the time. Was not charged for paraphernalia just dui
The statute involving DUI encompasses the driving, operating or actual physical control of the movement of a motor...