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How to get temporary custody of my 2 grandchildren. Her mother is going to jail for the 4th DUI. My son is dead.
There is bad blood between us. We legally tried for temp. custody in Jan 14 when she was sentenced for her 3rd DUI. We lost the case. She then kept the kids from us until this afternoon. Apparently she has fled MD and is in Utah but we think she is fixing to get picked up by the law. She called and allowed me to talk to the kids for the first time since Feb 14. She wants to place the kids with us but wants to get them the minute she is released which is likely to be a while. She receives $1100 SS/mo for the kids because my son died. We want to keep the kids util she is sober and responsibly but not on her terms . Then we got to understand healthcare and school issues.
You need to speak with a local attorney to get this done. You said you've already lost an attempt to get custody, so I...
Can Chester County, PA DUI Recovery Court obligations be transferred to where I am now living in Delaware?
I am going to accept Recovery Court for a DUI in place of some jail time but there are requirements for outpatient treatment, probation officer and court check ins and I live two hours away. There is also a requirement to work full time so it is going to be very difficult finding a full time job with time off during the week so that I can fulfill these other obligations. Any insight would be appreciated.
Probably yes. In Delaware, defendants who accept Probation Before Judgment for DUI cases (which sounds equivalent to...
How does one get a job on house arrest (electronic monitoring) for a DUI? Any suggestions on places to look?
One of the requirements of probation and being on house arrest is working full time but the other requirements like meeting with the probation officer during the day, driving classes etc conflict with work time. Also, many employers will not hire someone on probation and with a DUI record. Thanks. Any advice would be appreciated.
In this tough job market, your situation is even tougher. You might try to get a job that you can do from your home--...
Will I be able to do my thresholds for my dui from June 2015 and if I gotten stopped on a bmx bike in Pennsylvania for possible
So I gotten a dui last summer and I recently went to Pennsylvania for work I was riding my bmx bike home then cop said I ran a red light pulled me over then found a syringe and took me in for blood work I know I had taken pills but never got paperwork bout it or my friend at the time never gave them to me but anyways after being clean and sober I'm wanting to get my license back in delaware I just don't wanna pay the 820 and not able to get my license does anyone know what I can do?
Speak with your public defender. Frankly I'm confused. DUI on a bike?
My name is John . i pleaded guilty to my 3rd dwi in nj Feb 2013. I blew a .19 lost my license for 10 years....
Is there anyone who can get me a Delaware work license. PLEASE HELP
Here's what DE DMV has to say about occupational licenses. You should give them a call. Occupational License The...
Can a judge sentence me to 30 days level 5 suspended for level two probation and then on a violation not credit my 10 days
I was sentenced to 30 days at level 5 supervised custody, suspended for 1 year level 2 probation. I violated my level two probation and sat in level 5 custody for 10 days before being sentenced to level 3 probation. I did not receive my 10 days at level 5 towards my 30 day sentence
You can contact the court (CCP OR SUPERIOR depending which court you were in) and reference the date and time of that...
Am looking into seeking council for my time at a drug detox and rehab facility
I went into a drug detox and rehab facility about 5 months ago. While I was there I was not detoxed properly. I started to experience sever insomnia hallucinations and delusions. I went to medical staff for multiple days in a row telling them my symptoms and they kept pushing me away. Eventually the hallucinations and delusions became so bad I had to be hospitalized. With the hallucinations, delusions, and sever insomnia i delt with uncontrollerable shacking. I also was peracribed to psychiatric medications that i never recieved. I am still dealing with the side effects of that situation. This is a abbriviated story being that i only have so many words i can put.
Sorry to hear of your experience. You can hire an attorney by looking here on AVVO tab above find a lawyer. good Luck....