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Will i have any problem getting into Canada after a CWOF for a DUI?Any document I can bring with me to tell them it's dismissed?
1 was on probation for 1 year. The case will be dismissed this afternoon 7/26. I am planing to go to Canada on 8/2 or 3.
When it comes to crossing the Canadian border with a DUI that has been diverted or deferred, until a person has...
I was arrested twice in mass for dui ( continued without a finding and not guilty on each) and was convicted of dui in nh, can
I was arrested on 2 separate occasions for DUI in Mass. One was continued with out a finding and the second was found not guilty. I was then arrested in NH and found guilty . I was under 21 on all three events and all were more than 12 years ago. I no longer drink and am looking to obtain an FID or LTC in Mass for target and hunting purposes. is this possible.
You should review M.G.L. c. 140, §129B, to determine whether the prohibitions or restrictions contained in that...
Im wondering if there is anything i can do about my charges was originally arrested for 2nd dwi but lowered to driving to endang
was arrested for 2nd dwi but lowered to driving to endanger cause they new they were wrong says it all over police report but still have to pay all consequences of a 2nd dwi how is that right and is there anyway to fight to get my license back when under my understanding driving to endanger is not an arrestable offense its a misdemeanor and issused a citation?
I'm not sure I understand your question. First of all, driving to endanger is an arrestable offense and carries a 60...
My daughter got a DUI in NH. Her bac on breathalizer was .18.
She was pulled over for being on the wrong side of the road on a rotary. Does she have any reason to try to fight it or just try for Wet reckless. They also suspended her liscence in NH. Does that mean her liscence is suspended in MA where she lives. It was last Thursday and she has not gotten any correspondence from NH as of yet. Thanks for your help.
Because her case was in NH, you should change where you posted this to NH for some of your questions. As to the...
I got pulled over for a dui it was dismissed for the officer not showing up to court
Can I get my license back now that my case was dismissed I am from Massachusetts they took my licenses for refusing breathalyzer for 5 year can I get my license back my case was dismissed for lack of evidence and office was a no show to court
You motion for the return or appeal to the registry. The problem is that penalty is for refusing not a conviction for...
When having a 24q evaluation in Massachusetts, specificly with Highpoint, do they do a liver function test?
I have a 24q evaluation coming up and would like to be prepared.
The person either blew a Breath test over .20 or a blood test over that amount, it is a evaluation/ assessment of the...
How can the Mass. R.M.V. get away with a lifetime suspension.
In 1997 I was told on my 5th D.U.I. I would have a 10 year license loss. After departing W.M.C.A.C. and not drinking since, and beating the big problem.....panic attacks with agoraphobia. In 2007 I go to get my hardship license and was offered it twice (3 times before on the phone) at the R.M.V. and the second time my lawyer pissed the woman off and she wouldnt give me my license just after offering it. Then I hire another lawyer and go in front of the board. They tell me they are giving my licence back. But then the rep throws a fit and the board couldnt sit him down so they ask my lawyer if its okay to hold it over. I about freaked when he said 'yes' . I about toss my own fit in the hallway and begged him to go back in and accept my license since they were offering and he wouldnt listen. The next day on my birthday my lawyer called to tell me he misread the law and then the board slapped a lifetime suspension on me after their offering it. I dont see how they get away with this. I was told in 1997 it was a 10 year loss of license. And somewhere 5 -10 years after my conviction they change the law and I have not at that point reoffende. How do they get away with this?
Your problem is that a license to drive is a privilege and not a right. My suggestion to you is you appeal the...