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Could the dui be reduced ?
I was pulled over but wasn’t given a reason why I was being pulled over. Officer was behind me when I went to park in a spot until I realized the spot wasn’t big enough so I proceeded to leave to try to find somewhere else when he had me pull to the side. The officer had me get out the car and do a series of FST which I remember clearly but was not told if I passed or failed, which I’m sure I passed but issue I told officer he wasn’t explaining well was the light in my eye and follow the pen. I was taken to station and blew .126. Do I have grounds to fight probable cause of being pulled over because had I took parking spot had he just drove by being I wasn’t cited for any other traffic violations ( i.e. illegal turn or running red light ) ? Or could I have any of this reduced or dismissed being a first time offender with no criminal record ?
Police Officers are very good at making up legally valid reasons to pull someone over, and judges are very resistant to...
Well what do i do to solve the issue
I have a oui case in anchorage alaska and i live in Utah how can i resolve this matter please let me know what to do
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Should I hire attorney or go with PD?
This is my first dui incident and haven’t been in trouble with the law. I blew a .126 and want to look at getting it dropped to wreckless driving. Should a private attorney be hired or a PD will be fine ?
You ever hear the saying "You get what you pay for"? Well, I'll tell you no where is it more true than the area of law....
How Can I get a 3rd dui dismissed, dropped or whatever? Got a public pretender and well we know how that works.?
Crashed my car on the knik bridge. Cops didn’t see the crash. They were at the other end of the bridge. Patrolling the party scenes, and heard tires screech, probably my car hitting the guard rail. Tried to push my car to the end of the bridge. Hopped back in. Trying to find my phone. I think I took the keys out of ignition. I can’t remember. Rolling to the end of the bridge. Engine was not working. Windshield smashed. Air bags deployed. No victims. And they pulled up. I blew a .271 at the scene and an hour maybe less to the jail I blew a .154
You just haven't learned you lesson yet. This is your third DUI and you blew a .15? That's a high reading and you had...
What are my odds of beating my DUI/refusal charge?
I decided to go for a drive after work. I work evenings, so this was about midnight. I received a phone call, so I pulled over and was parked on a road I didn’t realized was closed at night. An officer approached my vehicle to inform me that the road was closed, and said he smelled alcohol coming from my car. He informed me I failed my field serbriety test and was being detained. It was dark and on uneven ground. Plus, he had me remove my glassses to shine the light in my eyes, but I wasn’t allowed to put them back on, and I have an astigmatism. I refused a breathalyzer, because I don’t trust them. I have a clean driving record and this would be my first dui.
You should contact an attorney. It is impossible, if not unethical, to predict the odds of beating a case in an on-...
How do I get my license if I'm over 21 and I got a dui while driving a four-wheeler and I've never had a license?
I was drinking at a friends house the night before and stayed the night. First thing in the morning I went for a ride on their four-wheeler and went to fast down the road and got pulled over. I failed the sobriety and breathalyzer test and went to jail for 3 days. I'm over 21 years old and have never had a drivers license. I've taken all the alcohol classes and have paid off my fines. My 2 year probation is about to be up. Do I still need to get the breathalyzer installed in a car to even get my license for the first time? Along with that sr22 insurance?
Contact your local department of licensing and see what their requirements for a license are.
Can domestic violence charges be dropped if my husband was intoxicated and blacked out?
My husband was arrested this morning because he got physical with me after drinking too much. He rarely drinks and this is the first time he has snapped so I was frightened and called the cops. I told the cops I believed he blacked out and the physical things he did to me. He had his arraignment this afternoon and his bail is posted at $500. I want to get him out but he is not allowed to contact me. Is there anyway to avoid the charges or get him out?
I'm not in your state. Once the state has charged him it is normally up to the state to dismiss. It is very common,...