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How can i get a possion of a controlled substance class b mirminer dismissed
I was driving a semi and got arrested for about 1 gram of k2
Q: How can i get a possion of a controlled substance class b mirminer dismissed? A: Anything is possible; whether...
What can I do for my dad that is in jail for Dwi with a child passenger charge n he was on probation n he broke for going to mex
we don't want him to go to jail cuz his sick from his heart n he has to be taking his medications everyday plz help me on the help I can get him
It is impossible to know what will happen on your father's probation revocation and new felony DWI case; he may be...
Will my husband's (felony) probation be revoked and be sentenced to prison for being charged with D.W.I.?
For almost a year my husband has been on a 10 year felony probation. He has taken all the required classes and is current on all payments and fees. Last night, he was pulled over (after his curfew) and charged with a D.W.I Is there anything he can do to convince the judge to not revoke his probation and sentence him to prison? Like, begin attending AA meetings? Or enrolling himself into an out patient sobriety program so that he can still go to work?
The best thing your husband can do right now is hire a competent criminal defense attorney, if he is not currently...
Can you git probation with charges of driving while intoxicated with a child passengers
my son with stopped by a state trooper on 5/24/16 he already been to court his final court date on 4/10/17 for Sentencing
Perhaps no way to know as none of us lawyers have his case. Perhaps his lawyer can answer.
Is it better for me to admit to my po that I was dirty a couple months back before tests come bk or wait for results
I failed a drug test and got sent for a hair follicle I am awaiting the results
Not sure perhaps. Personal decision here. You will probably get revoked one way or the other.
Can someone advise me on how to suppress my BAC result that shows 0.17
My blood was drawn at the hospital on. July 5, 2015 and the blood kit expired on July 15 2015. The test was carried out at the lab. On August 13 2015. That means that the tubes expired before the test was carried out. Can that affect accurate results of my BAC by making it to go higher? I need a response, and what can I do to suppress the evidence.
Reasonable doubt can be argued. A motion to suppress is not a DIY. Seek an experienced trial lawyer. Avvo rates...
Can i speak to a prosecuter about my case without going to jail
Im charged with dwli enhanced, but i was driving to protect my sons,can i explain this to the da.
Do not talk to the police or DA under any circumstance. You need a DWI lawyer.