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My daughter pleaded not guilty to a minor in consumption she is 19 years old, what happens when she goes back to court?
My daughter that is 19 plead not guilty to a minor in consumption because she's not guilty,she had just got to a party and was looking for her brother before the police pulled up, first off there were several minors that had to take the breath analyzer test and which my daughter went last but she blew a .07 and kept telling the officer that she hadn't drink anything so the 2nd time she blew a .05 and still couldn't understand, everyone said that she never took a drink and I'm not a lawyer but I know that a police officer is suppose to observe a person for 15-20 minutes before doing any kind of tests and with her going last and using the same tester on everyone that it is possible for alcohol resymn to be left in the chamber, shes never liked the taste of alcohol much less the smell,advice?
If she was not appointed a public defender, you should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist your...
Can a DUI conviction from two n a half years ago be reduced to reckless driving? I'm trying to get my license back.
I got convicted of a DUI in Arkansas back in 2012. But at the time I still had a Illinois drivers license so it also registered in Illinois. So my license is revoked until 2018. Even though I did what was required of the state of Arkansas and paid all off my fines, and also I'm not suspended in Arkansas any longer, I'm still suspended in Illinois. And I've lived in Arkansas for five years now and cant get a license here because of illinois. And i need my car for work. But the DMV in Illinois said the only way that they can drop the revocation is if I can get the conviction in Arkansas reduced to reckless driving. Because reckless driving isnot a felony in iIllinois.
The answer is no as to "reduction of charge" as it applies to the Arkansas conviction.
If i got a dwi in missouri and plead guilty how long would my license be suspended in arkansas? i have arkansas license
i have an arkansas license
Missouri is in "license compact" with Arkansas meaning their DMVs share information. You should expect to be without a...
What is the name of the public defender for poinsett county?
what's the name of the public defender for Harrisburg or Poinsett County?
http://www.ndia.net/Page.asp?n=23614&org=ndia.net this link may help answer your question
Can I travel abroad after being arrested for a DWI as a green card holder?
I'm a green card holder. I got arrested for a DWI two days ago and my court date is in two weeks. I was planning to travel to my home country (Mexico) for a few days (before court date) but I would like to know if I will have any problems getting back into the US. I filled the petition to remove conditions but I still dont have my 10 year greencard only the receipt and the extension letter. I do have an I-551 stamp on my passport valid through Feb. 21st. There was no accident and nobody hurt on the dwi charges.
The case is still pending, there has been no conviction yet. You will be readmitted. Make sure to have on you the...
If you are driving a friends car are responsible for its registration or tags ?
My husband was riding with a friend in the friends car to the store when they were pulled over for expired registration and tags from Georgia (we are in Arkansas). They took his friends license and my husband was forced to drive home. If my husband drives them to work in this vehicle could he be held responsible for the bad tags or registration?
Yes, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for the validity of the tags. In some states, if the owner is a passenger...
Will I still go to jail if I just started working and making payments after the body attachments were ?
I have two body attachments because I lost my job and couldn't make my payments on time. Now I'm facing jail time, which means I wouldn't be able to continue to search for employment. My license is suspended and most jobs require a valid drivers license
A body attachment will not automatically go away just because you're making payments again. Generally body attachments...