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First DWI should I get a lawyer? And is there any good ones in my area? I am financial broke.
My bac was .028
Yes you do. Your attorney can look at your facts and research the law to give you a precise answer.
Can I get my charged with dwi while walking
I was stopped walking for meeting the description of someone who left the scene of an accident. My car was nowhere to be found they asked me to blow I blew 0.00. I refused a drug test after admitting to being on percocet which I'm prescribed have been for years. I was arrested for felony leaving the scene of accident. Supposidly they had a witness pull up and identify me as the driver, which the alleged accident happened at night on a dark highway and I have dark tinted windows. They held me for 24 hours (24hr hold) and released me me without charges but gave me a ticket for dwi with no court date and county has no record of ticket. Can I be charged for accident or dwi and can they suspend my license for refusing drug test. I think if they had a witness they would have charged me?
You are not charged with DWI for walking. You are charged based on the officer's belief that you were operating the...
How will DWI in North Carolina affect my license in Missouri?
I was just arrested for DWI while on vacation in North Carolina. I've been told it could take a year for my final court date. I have an illinois license but have plans to move to Kansas City in November. Assuming I follow through with the move and get a Missouri license... If I do end up convicted in North Carolina how would my Missouri license and privileges be affected? Would the North Carolina DWI penalty be enforced on me in Missouri or would the Missouri penalty be enforced on me?
Your Illinois license will be suspended if you refused the test. It will be revoked if you are convicted. MO most...
How did I have a dirty hair follicle test when I don't use
My kids are in foster care and dfs is claiming I'm on drugs through the person who hotline me I took a hair test in Jun or July and I was clean I took a drug test at a substance abuse place it was 4 test I was clean in September now I did another one and I tested positive for meth but I don't use drugs and don't go anywhere but shopping I've taken meds that are narcotics and didn't show up in the test my dfs worker first said I used then then said they don't know if I used or was around someone who did and now I'm having to do drug treatment
Hire an attorney and have a third party independent toxicology lab do a retest. Sometimes they're wrong.
What happens if I miss a week of my satop classes?
I've been sick all week and haven't been able to make it to my classes. I'm gonna make up for it next week if I can.
A person on probation or otherwise required to attend SATOP as a result of an agreement with the prosecutor, should...
What happens to children if they are in a care with an unlicensed driver and the driver gets pulled over
My kids' aunt wants me to let her mother pick up my kids to take them to a Halloween party. The lady does have a license and hasn't for some time. I was just wanting to know what would be the legal percussion to me if she was to get pulled over, or got in a wreck and it was found out that she was unlicensed and I knew that she didn't have a license?
You have several different questions: 1. Your criminal liability for allowing your children to ride with an...
Will the drunk driver that started the accident be charged with manslaughter.
My son was killed 3 months ago. After being struck by a drunk driver he exited the vehicle to check on the drunk driver. He was then struck by another vehicle and thrown across the median and struck by yet another vehicle. These drivers were sober. Prosecuting attorney has yet to charge drunk driver.
It is up to the prosecutor, but you should demand restitution in addition to pursuing a civil case