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First offense dui andrefusal, do I have to take 16week program for that? no history or family history of drug or alcohol abuse
Completed IDRC but they want me to do 16 week abuse saying two separate charges but I got the refusal and dui on the same day
you should be speaking with your lawyer who handled your plea and thus knows the facts of your case. Nonetheless, I...
Will I be asked about my criminal background at Monmouth County, NJ IDRC for a first time offender of a DUI?
I have already received my DMV letter saying I get my license back this week after I complete the program. Do I get asked about my criminal record during the 12 hour IDRC program? How do I answer if they do? I am a first time offender with no past driving record. To prevent going to a 16 week program, do I have to tell them about my past addiction prior to the arrest? I have not drank since I have been arrested. I was sober a year before this arrest and the day of relapse, I got arrested. I have priors of drug arrests. What do I do? Please help! Thanks!
I would certainly suggest that you answer all of their questions truthfully. That is certainly your best bet. You...
I don't understand Monmouth County IDRC evaluation
I went to my first day at IDRC. I have to complete 12 hours and tomorrow I finish. I will see the counsolor tomorrow for the screening. They explained the point system for the further treatment but I dont understand it. I have more than 6 months clean, I am in full time school, full time job, go to meetings, and volunteer at support groups. DMV sent me a letter saying I can restore my license this thursday and on thursday my suspension is done. How is the IDRC able to tell ME if I need treatment when I am sober? If they do, do I still get my license back thursday? If not how am i supposed to get to treatment? I also dont have time for that... can someone please help me with these questions. Im so stressed out I was all prepared to get my license then today I find out that we all have a possibility of going to treatment?
The IDRC is free to assign extra work you need to do. Be careful of your attitude to them.
Prison and then rehab
My brother was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab for a fourth dui plus the 10 yr loss of license. He received paperwork in jail saying his release date and he thinks he's going to be able to just leave and not go to rehab. He's supposed to start applying for state funded rehab after he serves 60 days. His plan Ian to try and get over on the system. Won't they catch this mistake? How does it work when the judge clearly ordered 90 and 90. I'm afraid he will lose the opportunity to go to rehab if he tries to screw the system. It's these kinds of poor choices that landed him there in the first place. Thanks
If the court finds out he will be sentenced to do all the time in jail-no rehab. They will find out sooner or later. He...
I got my license suspended when I was 16 for 180 days. Is it 180 days from my court date? Or 180 days from my birthday?
I got a 500 dollar fine and my license suspended for 180 days.
You get it back 180 days after the court date IF you pay all fines, and pay the restoration fee to NJ MVC and they tell...
Probation says I can not consume Alcohol.
My case had nothing to do with Alcohol or Drugs. The Judge informed me I would have to take Drug testing. but no mention of Alcohol testing. The papers the Judge gave me in court had Drug testing checked off but Alcohol was not checked off. I failed a Urine test for consumption of Alcohol. Now Probation wants me to take Alcohol class. I don't think it's fair I can not drink Alcohol for the next 3 years. Is there anything I can do to have Alcohol consumption approved on my Probation.
Your condition of probation not to drink alcohol is a common one in NJ. This question is best answered by your lawyer...
Traveling to Mexico on PTI in New Jersey allowed?
I have a misdemeanor for getting caught with under 50 grams, it's been about 5-6 months since I have been drug tested and yet still no contact with PO. I never used a lawyer to get on PTI, I was offered it, I also am in the state of NJ. Is there any way I can go to Mexico for one week without approval from my PO? or is that risky? Should I ask my PO before hand, I have documents for my arrival and departure state also with the place i'm staying. It is for my one year anniversary with my girlfriend.
Sounds like you got a conditional discharge rather than PTI, but in either case you need to get permission from you PO...