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Jail time for a DUI without ever having a drivers license
Was driving while under the influence a week ago and flipped a company truck 3 times and totaled it while drunk. I have court summons next month for this incident, I'm just looking to see how much time I'll be serving in jail for this. Thanks
Need more facts... Are you a minor? Was your licence suspended / revoked / never obtained one? How did you manage to...
I was cited with a minor in consumption of alcohol. Wondering if pleading guilty or not guilty will be better
I got a minor in consumption of alcohol citation and have court on Friday morning. I requested the police report and it is not very accurate. It says I admitted to drinking, but I did not. They never got a Breathalyzer because I had an anxiety attack (due to an officer yelling and calling me names, also not on report). I turn 21 in 3 months and am wondering if this is worth fighting or if I should just plead guilty and pay the fine? Also, what is the longest this will be on my record? I live in North Dakota and have a clean record.
Convictions dont go away. Talk to a local traffic or criminal law attorney. Search for one here on AVVO by using...
My ex husband got a dui fourteen month ago. I moved to another state. His time is over but hasn't changed the plates.
I moved from mn to nd and wondering if nd will change my plates from mn whiskey plates to regular nd plates without him?
If you are living in ND permanently, then you should have the plates switched over. It will save future hassle.
Question on a DUI
Got pulled over for expired tabs but had also been drinking a bit, the officer had me step out of the vehicle and walk a line (which I did not do very well as I am very uncoordinated ) then arrested me... No breathalyzer ? Brought me in and finally took a blood test and a breathalyzer but never heard my results ? Is it legal to just arrest someone solely on not being able to walk a straight line and why did they not give me a breathalyzer before arresting me?
Yes, you can be arrested and even convicted for DUI even without a breathalyzer or blood results. Given the time that...
I had a BAC blood test done, I was told it could take up to six months for results. How can I find out if it has been done.
I was arrested for a possible DUI in Minnesota. The officer pulled me over and said I had crossed the center line. I agreed to a field test which I did not know I could refuse. The officer would not tell me if I passed the eye test. I told him I could not do the balance tests because of a post concussion, but I had to do it anyway and he did not need to tell me I did not pass. I had a 0 on the breathalyser. I was arrested and had a blood test for alcohol and drugs. I had another breathalyser test and a urine test and both were negative. This happened over 4 months ago
Perhaps you have nothing to worry about. Do you have a court date? Otherwise, I'm sure you'll be notified one way or...
I was charged with dui. I was at a store and my keys were locked in my car with the car running. not observed driving.
The store clerk called the police and the police charged me with dui but no one witnessed me behind the wheel driving. The store clerk phoned the police and the police opened my locked car and then gave me field sobriety tests and I did test positive for a controlled substance that was in my system that I had no prescription for. Can I be charged without a police officers observance of me even inside the car?
You can be charged with a DUI if you were in actual physical control of the vehicle. You do not necessarily have to be...
I have a 3rd degree/gross misdemeanor dwi (blew over .20) only and no prior offenses. Can I travel across the boarder?
MN resident with a permanent resident card and Canadian citizen. Can I freely travel across the US/Canada boarder? If I can, should I expect any surprises or disclose my conviction before asked?
You'd have to review the terms of your OR or bail. You'll have to speak to a consulate for any boarder issues going...