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How can I resolve a DUI in Ohio from New York?
My husband had a DUI in Ohio over ten years ago and has been denied his NY driver's license. He has tried to contact the courts to resolve it, but they told him he has to appear in person because he has a warrant. We both work full time and are unable to travel to Ohio. Is there another way to resolve this from New York?
You should contact an attorney in the county in Ohio where the DWI occurred. Where I practice in New York it would be...
If I was out of my car doors locked walking away from my car when the cop pulled behind me can he still get me for DWI?
After I got out of my car and was walking away from it he pulled in and pulled behind my car but didn't put his lights on. At this point he asks if I've been drinking and has be blow into the roadside "test" it doesn't work. On my paperwork he has that the only indications were glassy eyes and smell of alcohol. How could he arrest me on just those two reasons?
Does the Officer allege he saw you driving the car?
If I was arrested for DWI and the cop put the wrong color and year of my car, Can this wrong information get my charges dropped?
If I was arrested for DWI and the cop put the wrong color and year of my car, Can this wrong information get my charges dropped
No. The color or make of your car has nothing to do with you driving drunk. This isn't a parking ticket.
Wit 4 dwi in ten years can i stay out jail and get bak at all ??
Last night I got a 4 dwi in 10 years last dwi was 6 years ago December 20 2011 sentence date I got caught driving revoked license trying to help someone else out I was supposed reapply December 20 2016 can someone tell me good news
Realistically, unless you take it to trial and win, the DA will almost certainly ask for jail time as part of any plea deal.
Can my ex lose custody if he gets a dwi?
My ex and I share a 3 yr old daughter. We have 50/50 custody however my ex has a drinking problem and has been violated numerous times. I know it's only a matter of time before he gets a dwi. The issue is we have in our court order he is not to drink or have alcohol around our child. He been violated numerous times because of his drinking and I worry about our childs safety. If he gets a dwi would that be reason for an emergency custody?
If an issue like this arises and the child's safety is in jeopardy there is a change in circumstance which may warrant...
Can a judge reccomend a specific lawyer in a DWI case out of NY state?
I showed up for my first court date guilty not guilty do you need a public pretender? That whole 9.. I said I am looking for a lawyer and the judge wrote down the name of an attorney? Is this OK I mean I appreciate the advice but can I get some me friendly results do to his actions or no?
It is more likely that the Judge is assigning you a lawyer, not recommending a lawyer. If you cannot afford an...
When can u get license back after revocation does it go by your sentence or conviction date ???
I got convicted on 8/16/2010 wit license revoked class e felony dwi I got sentence 12/20/11 then I got 5 yrs probation wit revocation of my license does that 1st year count of my revocation ???dmv is sayin I don't get off the revocation until 12/28/2016??? y ?? thought they go by ur conviction date not sentence ??
You are technically not convicted until you are sentenced. Regardless, it goes by the sentencing date.