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23 Just received a public drunkenness citation after getting DUI recently
Hello. Last night I was out with some friends and ended up blacking out. Police record shows that I fell on a side walk and also that some of my non valuable personal items were missing. I have no memory of leaving the bar without my friends. I recently also received a DUI. What steps must I take to handle this?
You need a good defense attorney. We dont know if the new charges violate your DUI probation. You also need...
Breathalyzer said error 2 times?
My friend and I were picked up and I was not aware that the driver had been drinking earlier that day. We got pulled over for a 3rd breaklight then he did a test on the driver, then me and my friend were in the back and gave us a breathalyzer test but the breathalyzer said error the first 2 times I blew into it, then it said I blew a 0.081%. Then he made me step out the car and take my glasses off an did a eye exam with a pencil (but without my glasses I can't see anything near me). Am I able to fight it? He asked if I was drinking I said no
Unless you are charged with a crime, there is nothing to fight. If you were the passenger, it remains unclear what...
What happens after 3 DUIs?
My friend had 2 DUIs in Virginia a few years back and went to jail for about a month for the 2nd one. Last night, she got a DUI in Pennsylvania. Does this mean she may become a felon since she will have 3 DUIs under her belt? Will she probably go to jail?
DUI is not a felony in Pennsylvania, but she could be looking at a one year mandatory jail sentence if she is found...
What would happen if a worker stole $1200 in lottery tickets but the boss took their entry drug test knowing the risk of them?
The manager at my work has found that two employees may have stolen $1200 total over time in lottery tickets. That's terrible in itself but she disclosed to me that she also took their drug tests for them upon hiring them and also once when corporate was their drug testing because of bad inventory. Knowing that they were marijuana abusers and one was a recovering meth addict. She knew the risk and now is only worried about covering her tracks. But I feel these boys were just products of their situation. You put addicts in front of something like tickets and what would you expect as a manager o feel she should know better, I just don't feel comfortable keeping what I know quiet. She's known this whole time the risk she was taking for them.
The worker could be criminally charged for theft.
Should I fight it?
I was in a car with my 2 friends and we got pulled over, we and her were sitting in the back while our friend was driving upfront. Me and her sat in the backseat while my friend did A sobriety test, then he came back and asked me and my friend were drinking. We said no. Then he pretty much forced a breathalyzer test on us, the first 2 times I blew into the thing it kept saying "error" then the cop said "I don't know how to work this thing" while the other officer showed him. Then I ended blowing a 0.081 and then the officer told me to step out the vehicle and did a eye test on me but he made me take my glasses of & I need my glasses to see anything infront of me. I got charged with underage drinking, should I get a lawyer & fight it?
Mr. Myshin gave a great response to your question when you asked it earlier. I am going to go out on a limb and say...
How is it possible to get a 2 month suspension for dui. THEN when the 2 months is up yyou can't reinstate do to another suspensi
I was not able to reinstate my licence immediately after dui suspension do to A suspension For points. I chose to drive making sure my family is taken care of. I was pulled over thinking it would be considered a driving under suspension since my new suspension started. I then get a letter in mail saying it was a dui related suspension cause I didn't reinstate it but that wasn't an option do to next suspension followed the DUI SUSPENSION... IF I WERE TO BE FOUND GUILTY MY DUI SUSPENSION WOULD BE EXTENDED ANOTHER YEAR. AND IT WAS ORIGINALLY A 2 MONTH SUSP
Unfortunately, once you get a DUI-related suspension, every suspension offense after will be considered a DUI-related...
Can I ask the Judge in my case,To credit my 4 months on pretrial scram device detention against 6 months probationary period?
Went to court for general impairment, 2nd DUI, sentenced to 5 days in jail and 6 months probation. Served 3.5 days of 5 days ,released for overcrowding. Was on scram device per condition of bail. Had scram on for 4 months, can I get credit against my 6 month probationary period for the 4 months on scram? ALSO, had to report weekly, then bi-weekly, had to be in my home by 10:30 PM every night,couldn't leave my house till 5:00 AM,no big deal, could not leave my county with out permission,.no overnight granted until Easter, i had to ask the Judge, not the bail officer so, I feel I was on house arrest, not Bail detention. Thanks for your time...
You can always ask, but you'll likely be denied.